Why video reviews are better than Amazon text reviews!

We’ve all been there, Amazon reviews, Yelp!, Google reviews, CNET, PC Mag you name it. You go to check out the latest phone reviews. You get to the phone that you’ve been hearing about and what do you see, a wall of text. In this “have it now” video-based society, why are all the big review sites still carry text reviews with few pictures? Furthermore, how can you believe such reviews? These major sites often times get the phones send to them for free. Not only that, some companies pay these same sites to review these phones. How can you believe the words of these reviewers on a product that they didn’t pay for and possibly were paid to post an “honest review”?

Why video reviews are better…

There has to be a better way to see the phone you want to buy by checking an online review that is still based on integrity, isn’t it? This is where Meritmeter comes in. Meritmeter is a site that has phones, laptops, desktops, smartwatches and every other tech product known to a man listed. Not only Meritmeter list and expertly categorizes these products, but Meritmeter is also filled with reviews uploaded by people just like you. Each review gives you an insight into what the reviewer liked, dislike and even what the manufacturer could do better with their product. At Meritmeter we call it Real reviews, by Real people and we stand by that statement.

People like you have been building Meritmeter just for people like you. Without them, we could not do what we do. We need your help as well. So we want you to go onto Meritmeter and tell us what you think, no matter what that is.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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