Go Pro won’t Charge Dilemma: Navigating the Hitches with a Smile

In today’s world of breathtaking captures and nail-biting action shots, the GoPro stands as an undisputed champ. Whether you’re surfing the waves, hiking up a rugged terrain, or simply capturing memories during a family picnic, this tiny dynamo is your go-to companion. Yet, every hero has its Achilles heel, and for our GoPro, it’s the occasional charging hiccup. So, if you’re scratching your head wondering why your trusty Go Pro won’t charge from a power-up, let’s unravel the mystery.

Why is Your Go Pro Won’t Charge and Start Acting Power Shy?

  1. The Drama of the Dying USB Cable or Charger: Just as we sometimes need a coffee refill, charging cables and chargers can lose their zest, causing interruptions.
  2. Port Puzzles: The adventurous life of a GoPro can lead to its charging port becoming a mini-junkyard of dust and debris.
  3. Battery Bafflement: Batteries have their life cycles. If yours is acting more like a lazy cat than a jumping jack, it might be nearing its curtain call.
  4. Software Shenanigans: Now and then, a GoPro’s software might throw a mini-tantrum, disrupting the charging flow.
  5. Motherboard Mysteries: On the rare occasion, the motherboard might just be the sneaky villain in our story.

Turning the Charging Tables: Solutions to the Rescue!

  1. Charger Charades:
    • Start simple. If the Go Pro won’t charge, Swap out the charger or cable. Remember, your GoPro enjoys quality companionship, so pick reputable replacements.
    • Ensure your charger isn’t whispering when your GoPro wants a full-on conversation. Match those power outputs!
  2. Port Patrol:
    • If your port looks like it’s been through a sandstorm, it’s cleanup time. A gentle brush or puff of compressed air can work wonders. Treat it like a mini-spa session!
  3. Battery’s Bedtime?
    • Remember, batteries, like fine wine, have their prime. Past that, it’s a downhill journey.
    • If you’ve got a backup battery, give it a whirl. It’s the quickest way to see if your main battery is asking for retirement.
  4. Software Soothe:
    • Updates are like vitamins for your GoPro. Ensure it’s had its dose by keeping the software up-to-date.
    • For stubborn software woes, a factory reset could be the elixir. But first, backup!
  5. Detective Mode: Damage Check:
    • A few battle scars from your adventures? Check for any serious wounds like water exposure beyond its limits.
  6. Consult the GoPro Gurus:
    • If home remedies don’t do the trick and still your Go Pro won’t charge, it’s time for some professional wizardry. Either ring up GoPro’s helpline or waltz into a certified repair center.

Go Pro won’t charge: Prevention Tips

  1. Stow in Style: Shelter your GoPro in a snug, dry nook when not in action.
  2. Tender Touch: These toughies can handle a lot but appreciate a gentle hand.
  3. Tech Check: Regular software health checks keep glitches at bay.
  4. Accessorize Right: Stick to accessories that are either GoPro-born or have stellar reputations.

Heartfelt GoPro Charging FAQ Corner

Q: When I excitedly wait for my GoPro to charge, how long is this anticipation supposed to last?
A: Oh, the anticipation! It’s like waiting for your favorite movie to start – usually between a quick teaser and a full-length feature, about 2-4 hours. Dive into the GoPro manual, though, for an accurate emotional timeline.

Q: Can I pour my heart into filming while also feeding my GoPro some juice?
A: Absolutely, darling! Your GoPro can handle your passion and power up simultaneously. But remember, just like us trying to multitask, it might feel a bit overwhelmed and heat up or take longer to rejuvenate.

Q: The nights are long, and so is my GoPro’s charging cord. Is it okay to let them bond till dawn?
A: It’s like those long, deep conversations that are better cut short before they turn weary. Avoid letting your GoPro indulge in an all-nighter too often; it cherishes quality rest just as we do.

Q: My GoPro is warming up, almost like it’s reminiscing about a sunny beach day. Should I be concerned?
A: Every once in a while, it’s okay to bask in warmth. But if your GoPro feels like it’s stuck in a midsummer daydream, it’s time to whisk it away to a cooler spot.

Q: I have a drawer full of chargers, each with its own tale. Can any of them serenade my GoPro?
A: Such a romantic notion! While many may woo your GoPro, it deeply appreciates those that sing the right tune. Prefer its original charger or a reputable suitor for a harmonious relationship.

Q: How will I know if my GoPro’s heart, its battery, is growing weary with time?
A: Like an old song losing its rhythm, a tired battery may not dance (charge) as long or as vivaciously. If it seems fatigued, perhaps let a fresh battery step in and rekindle the spark.

Q: In the silent moments, I notice no LED glows while charging. What’s my GoPro silently conveying?
A: Sometimes, even our gadgets have their quiet moments. First, ensure its friends – the charger and cable – are in harmony. If the silence continues, it might be hinting at a deeper emotion, perhaps an internal issue, and it’s time to seek counseling (professional assistance).

Q: Are there any third-party chargers that can truly understand and complement my GoPro?
A: While GoPro’s original charger is its soulmate, there are charmers like Anker, RAVPower, and Aukey that come with genuine intentions and reliability. Always ensure they share mutual feelings (compatibility) before they connect.

Q: I often connect and disconnect my GoPro from the charger. Is this fleeting contact troubling it?
A: Just like in any relationship, consistency and gentleness are key. Though these brief encounters might not hurt immediately, it’s the tenderness during connection and disconnection that ensures a lasting bond.

Q: I’ve heard tales of batteries with memories, holding onto past charge cycles. Is my GoPro’s battery nostalgic too?
A: Such a poetic thought! But modern GoPro batteries live in the present. They don’t cling to memories of past charge cycles. Charge when you feel it’s right, without waiting for a complete drain.

Q: Where can I check GoPro Hero camera video reviews by real users?
A:You are the at the right place. Meritmeter is the #1 crowdsourcing video reviews platform for tech users to share their genuine experience by video and rate it in a few clicks. Also, Meritmeter uses AI to evaluate Youtube reviews by famous gadget reviewers, so you will hear it from tech savvy reviewers and regular users.

Your GoPro is more than just a gadget; it’s a partner in capturing memories. By understanding its feelings and needs, you ensure a bond that lasts through countless adventures.

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