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We always ask ‘What’s in it for me?’ In anything we do, we always ask ourselves this question. By nature, we are self-absorbed individuals and we want to know why are we doing anything. With Meritmeter it’s simple. There are several answers to the question, “what’s in it for me”.

Earn Badges – There are three different badges that you can obtain while being a member of Meritmeter. The badges include House Leader, Superhero and Geek of the Week. You can earn these badges by collecting Meritmeter credits. When you earn Meritmeter credits you can gain one, or more of the prestigious titles below.

House Leader badges

Without you, Meritmeter could not be possible. Everyday people like you are adding and reviewing products. This is the lifeblood of our website. The most important part is our users who add products. If you strive to stand out, you can add 25 products. You can earn the title of House Leader and help other users by finding the hot and new products.

Superhero badges

This is the most prestigious badge of them all. The biggest forum of contribution are people who review products and people who vote on users’ reviews. This badge will let you earn Meritmeter credits. When you earn 500 credits you are awarded the title of Superhero.

Geek of the Week badges

This is the special competitive badge of them all. There is only one person that can be the “Geek of the week”. If you gain the most Meritmeter credits in a 7-day period, Meritmeter will crown you as the Geek of the Week. Don’t get too comfortable if you ever attain this title because there will be other users who want to steal your crown next week.

We get it, you may have just found out about Meritmeter, you may be a little shy. Maybe you don’t want other people seeing a video of you. What if it’s not perfect? What if you’re having a bad hair day? We understand. You can still participate in Meritmeter. You can still earn Meritmeter credits if you don’t want to review a video, just vote on other’s reviews.

Here’s how, I want you to go to Meritmeter, I want you to find the current phone that you own on the website. Listen to the review on it. Once you are done, thumbs up or thumbs down it. That’s it, no recording or reviewing necessary.

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