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How many times have you bought a product and are so happy with the performance that you feel you want to share it with the world? Or you simply love the product but feel that a little improvement can do wonders for the performance, but do not know how to go about it? Then Meritmeter is the right platform for you!

What is Meritmeter?

Meritmeter is a platform where enthusiastic product owners can present their reviews and provide improvisation tips about tech products. It is the only platform that offers video reviews about any product that the product owners want to present.

Meritmeter is gaining popularity worldwide as no one now has the time to go through long monotonous copies by anonymous reviewers. With the growing decrease in attention span, video reviews are a much quicker and easier way for sharing their sentiments about the product.

Though Meritmeter is one of its kind review site in its nascent stages it is already facing tough competition from established 5-star review websites and videos on YouTube. Meritmeter is a revolutionary site for educated, techno-savvy and camera-friendly consumers. Apart from an interactive platform for consumers to voice their opinions, Meritmeter is also an effective tool for the manufacturer to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Meritmeter is also beneficial to the potential customer of the product as he now no longer has to wade through countless anonymous reviews before buying the product. People always relate more to images than to words and with a review video, the impact is even greater. Customer review videos are naturally engaging with content that is easy to understand and digest.

Why should I contribute?

Meritmeter is solely for those who wish to share and along with letting them do so, it also empowers them to voice their opinion in a fair and frank manner.  As an encouragement for continued efforts towards betterment Meritmeter awards the contributors with Meritmeter credits, on the accumulation of which they can access more content, increase their credibility score and go on to become Meritmeter heroes.

Meritmeter believes in harnessing the power of feedback which can be successfully implemented to drive good change in the world for a better tomorrow. If making a video review is not your cup of tea, you can still contribute by voting on other’s reviews and also comment or post queries if any. This too affects the review credibility, ultimately impacting the product merits score.

So, if you have come across a ‘must buy’ or ‘stay away’ product or if you feel that your input could improvise on a product just record your sentiments and post them on

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