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Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope. All of these sites and apps have some sort of video chatting or video messenger system.  You probably use one of these to talk to your friends and family all the time. How long do you talk to the average person through a video chat service? Five to ten minutes? Even less? The point is, it doesn’t take long to launch your preferred video service and connect with a friend or a family member.

Now let’s think about built-in services that your phone offers that let you do video chatting like FaceTime or Google Hangouts. These services let you connect to anyone in your address book effortlessly and you are speaking to friends in seconds.

Most people use these types of services all the time to connect with coworkers, family and friends. Even if you do not use any of these services in this capacity. I’m sure sometime within the last 48 hours you’ve used the camera on your phone to take a picture or record a video. Most phones allow you to do that by pressing one button. Some phones can even record a video or take a picture while the phone is locked. These features are incredibly easy to use. Why not use these functions for more than sending a video or chatting with friends?

As easy as it is to connect with friends and family, it’s just as easy to create a video for Meritmeter. Meritmeter allows anyone to take a quick video and review any electronic product. This helps other users get helpful real-world insight on a product they have an interest in or may want to purchase one day. By creating a short video about your own devices, you earn rewards and even give direct feedback to the company that makes it.

Why join Meritmeter?

We all want to be heard, we all want to share our voice. This is why social media is so popular and even exists. However in addition to just being heard and increasing your social media status. Wouldn’t it be great if the manufacturer actually listened and took your opinions into account when addressing issues with their products? If you have a Twitter account and have tweeted a company, and who knows when that company replies back. It gives you that sense that this company is actually listening. At Merit Meter, we provide people just like you the opportunity to have a manufacturer listen to your recommendations, even they get to watch your recommendations in the video.

What are you more likely to do? Reply to a video review of your phone on YouTube in the comments section or reply to a message board about a review of your phone? If you’re like most people, you’ll more than likely reply to a review via YouTube. YouTube is more interactive, easier to comment on and more people will likely reply back to that comment. However, Youtube does not provide product overall scores because it was never built as a reviews platform.

We all have opinions, we all share them on a daily basis. So why not share these opinions to thousands of people as effortlessly as it was to connect to a friend on your phone’s video service? Right now I want you to open the camera on your phone and record a short 3-minute video. I want you to give your honest opinion about the current phone you have. You don’t have to be an expert on the phone or anything, just tell others:

  • Why did you purchase it?
  • What did you like and hate about it? 
  • What would you improve on it?

It doesn’t matter if you have a phone that came out last week or 3 years ago. We want to know your honest opinion of your device.

As the title states, we want you to be more social, so we have one more thing that we at Meritmeter want you to do. So the next time you speak to friends or family through any video chatting service, we want you to encourage a friend to review their phone. Tell them to create a short 3-minute video and answer the same questions. Also, Remind them that there is no cost to do so and it doesn’t matter what type of phone they have and how old it is.

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