Become a Hero by posting video reviews

Have you heard of the term “Influencer”? It is a popular term going around these days. If you have not heard of the term, there is a chance you are being influenced on a daily basis. The Cambridge dictionary states; influencer: someone who affects or changes the way that people behave, which can lead to changing the world. And if that change is for the better, those influencers are considered heroes.

Do you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other form of social media? You know that one person whose posts show up all day, that person who always shows up on your feed. It can be a family member, a good friend or just someone you’ve added. They are influencing you, your news, the way you think about social topics. They have a hand in crafting, for the better or worse, the way you think.

We all want to increase your social network, we want more likes, favorite retweets and shares. Some of us don’t know why but we just do. The reason why we want these things is that we all want to be the person that you were just thinking about. I’m sure you’ve wondered why aren’t my posts and tweets and pic being liked, favorite ad retweeted?

How to Become a Hero

So how can you do it? I’m sure if you’ve been on YouTube, you’ve seen the people, those guys and girls who show off the latest phones, TV and tech. If you’ve seen the YouTube reports these people, make millions. That is the extreme end. If that is your goal fine, but we are just looking to influence on a social media scale in order to create more buzz for your own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other profiles.

How do you start? That where Meritmeter comes in. Meritmeter is an online platform where you can upload a video review (can be as short or as long as you want) on any product. The best part is, if you don’t see your favorite gadget, You can add it! It’s that simple. If you become a reviewer who adds a lot of video reviews for products that have zero reviews, there is a chance to actually you will make money! So what could be better than improving your social status and making money! Start right now by clicking the link and creating your first video review on Meritmeter.

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