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OnePlus 7 Pro

Category : Mobile

Release Year: 2019


Publish Date:
May 14, 2019


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money High
- Hey guys, this is Austin.This is the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro.and the question as always, is it worth it?So this is the first time that OnePlus has brought outa Pro version of their phoneand there's a lot to like here.Unlike the standard OnePlus 7,which we actually haven't even seen yet,although by the time you watch this videothey will most likely have it announced.The Pro version brings a brand new,completely bezel-less display,and we have a new triple camera design,with some really nice featuresincluding an incredibly fast display.This is a full 90 hertz and it looks awesome.It should be no surprise that OnePlusis opting to go for multiple versions of their flagship.I mean you look aroundand pretty much everyone else is doing the same thing.There are like four different versions of the Galaxy S10,and of course with the iPhone we have the XR, the XS,as well as the XS Max.And by going up a little bit on the budget,it means that we get a lot of extra featureson the OnePlus 7 Pro.So one of the most noticeable ones is the lack of a notch.Instead we have a motorized pop-up selfie camera,which actually is a pretty good way of doing it.If you get rid of the selfie camera,you'll see there's very, very little bezel,just a tiny little bit of a chin on the bottom,but as soon as you open up that camera,the selfie pops right up.And this is supposedly pretty durable.It's rated for something like 100 or 150,000 operationsand if it detects that you're dropping it,it should automatically pull the camera into avoid any kind of damage.But it seems to be pretty sturdy.I mean I'm not gonna destroy it or something, but.Speaking of, the screen has also seen a major improvement.Now first of all, it's big.This is a 6.7 inch panel,which makes the OnePlus 7 Pro even biggerthan something like the Galaxy S10 Plus.One of the most noticeable things here, though,is that not only is it a higher resolution,but it also runs at a higher frame rate at a full 90 hertz.Now we've seen this a couple timeswith some gaming phones such as the ROG Phone,even a faster display with the Razer Phone.And this really does make a huge difference.Everything is so much more smooth.And of course that's been one of the major advantagesof OnePlus for years.They have a very, very well-optimized software stack,on top of the latest and greatest on the silicon side,which means that this straight up flies.OnePlus has also taken a page out of Samsung's bookand curved the glass both on front and back.I mean, if you close your eyes,this basically feels like a Galaxy S10,but that's certainly not a bad thing.Not only does it mean that the OnePlus 7feels a little bit thinner,but importantly it also meansthat it just sort of feels nice when you're scrolling,especially when you're swiping in from the side.I know that some people don't love this,especially if you're watching a video,it does distort a little bit on the edges,but I'm a huge fan of this.And honestly, this is some of the nicest hardwarethat OnePlus has ever put out.It's Gorilla Glass, it's aluminum,and of course you've got to talk about that color.So it's, actually I forget what it's called, it's.- Nebula blue. - Nebula blue, thank you.So nebula blue is sort of an interesting textured finishthat sort of, very much changes based on the light.Man, I like it.Like I really, really feel like this is a super,super tight-looking phone.Sadly we don't have a headphone jack,but the hardware is absolutely on point.One of the nice things that I feel likeI always appreciate on OnePlus phonesis that you have the alert slider.So just like on an iPhone,you can very easily switch between vibrate, silent, ring,whatever the case is.And I just don't understand why more people don't do this.Something that returned from the OnePlus 6Tis the in-display fingerprint sensor.Now generally speaking, it actually is pretty quick,but my main issue, just like with the 6T,is it's just not quite as accurate as I'd like.So when you compare it to something like the Pixelor even the Galaxy S10ewhich has the side-mounted fingerprint sensor,both of those are not only quickerbut more importantly, they seem to be very, very accurate.This works most of the time,and as always if I'm on camera, it works 100% of the time,'cause that's just the way it works,but in normal use, I feel like one out of maybe 10 times,it doesn't pick up my finger,and that's just not something that I really deal withwith pretty much any other fingerprint unlock.So the speakers aren't amazing.So it does have a bottom-firing speakeras well as ones built up to the tiny little earpiece.It's fine, I mean it's certainly not bad.But it does not compare to phones such as the iPhone,such as the Pixel.It's just decent.And of course we still don't have a headphone jack,which after taking a look at the Pixel 3a,kinda it's got me nostalgic,it's got me wishing for that headphone jack back.One of the main reasons OnePlus has been popularis they put very high performance specsand very well optimized softwarein a package which generally speaking doesn't cost a ton.So inside here we have the absolute top of the lineas far as Android goes right now.So you have a Snapdragon 855,anywhere between six, eight or even 12 gigs of RAM.Now 12 gigs of RAM might seem excessive.I mean it's on, that's more than most laptops have.But realistically, it actually makes a lot of sense,specifically on the OnePlus 7 Pro.If you look at the price difference to go fromsix gigs to 12 gigs and to double the storage,it's less than $100.That, that is an incredibly good deal.I know some people might be upsetthat, oh, the OnePlus is more expensive now.Considering that you're getting a 12 gig of RAM,a Snapdragon 855 flagship for less than $800.I mean, yeah.- [Ken] For less than $1000.- That's actually a great point, even less than $1000, yeah.It is so hard to arguewith the value proposition on this phone, right?I mean sure, if you wanna goand make sure that you save every penny you can,you can drop the nice displayand go down to something like the OnePlus 7,but considering that you getthe awesome screen with 90 hertz,again, I can't really emphasize that enough,just how smooth that is,paired with these super, super reasonable upgrades, right?I mean as long as you're okay with the blue color,because I think, like previous years,the blue color is the only wayto get the maxed out version like I have here,but I mean, it's only $90 to go from the bottom spec,to double every single aspect of the phone.RAM, SSD, everything.I mean that's, that's pretty killer.I'm legitimately impressed.Take a look around back,and the OnePlus 7 Pro now has a new triple-camera array.So very much like some other 2019 flagships,this gives you a ultra wide-angle lenswith a 17 millimeter equivalent.You have a 48 megapixel standard shooter,and there's also now a new triple optical zoom,which will give you roughly a 78 millimeter lens,or again three times the optical zoomthat you would get with the standard shooter.All this being said,this is actually a really nice benefitbecause some of the previous OnePlus phoneshad a depth sensor as a secondary camera,which is code for not useful.So the camera, honestly, has been one of the main downsidesof a lot of previous OnePlus phones.It's never really been bad,but it's certainly not been as good assomething like the Google Pixelor even like a lot of the iPhones.But this year they've actually stepped it up in a big way.And first of all it is legitimately really niceto have this spread of cameras.So,the ultra wide-angle cameracan get you a nice field of viewand while it's not the sharpest thing in the world,all you do is jump into that 48 megapixel shooter,which to be fair does actually saythat as a 12 megapixel shot,it just takes each sort of pixeland combines four pixels into one.But even so, you're actually gettingsome nice image quality here,and then when you zoom all the wayinto the three times optical zoom,it actually gives you a very different field of view.And this is something that I really appreciate.Most phones, such as the Samsung and especially the iPhone,they have a 2X optical zoom, and while that's nice,it doesn't really give methat same kind of zoom that I'd like.Whereas with the 3X optical zoom,it actually properly gives you, it's a very unique look.So if we put the OnePlus 7 side by side with the Pixel,what you'll see is that it actually doesa little bit more of an aggressive job.It's sort of boosting the shadows,so it's a little bit more HDR.But also the colors are very much washed out.Photos here consistently looka little bit sort of desaturated, maybe.Now that's not going to be necessarily a bad thing,if you wanna edit it.But I definitely have to say,the Pixel images do pop a lot more.Now if you put something like thisside by side with the iPhone,especially when you get into lower light,it makes a huge difference,as the Pixel as well as the OnePlusdo have some sort of night-sight mode.So the OnePlus calls it Nightscape,and while it's not quite as goodas what you're getting on the Pixel,again, when you put it next to something like the iPhone,it makes a big difference.My main complaint here is thatthey do just look a little bit sort of artificial,there's a little bit too much processing going onto make it look like a natural image,which is something that the Pixel excels with.All that being said, though,the camera is a huge step up on the OnePlus 7.No, it's not quite as good as something like the Pixel,but because you do have the triple lensesand because all three of them are fairly competent,it does mean that the OnePlus 7no longer has the camera as its Achilles' heel.Achilles' keel?The OnePlus 7 Pro is the most expensiveOnePlus they've ever made,and yet I think it does a good jobof justifying that price tag.In a world of $1000 plus flagships,this delivers a very, very similar performancebut for several hundred dollars less.My main piece of advice really hereis get the maxed out model.For only $90, you're getting double the storageand double the RAM.And when you consider what this kind of phone isfor less than 800 bucks,I mean, there's really not a lot to complain about.And that is sort of the definitionof being worth it, isn't it?(soft music)

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