Apple iPhone 15 PRO MAX

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2023

Display 6.7-inch OLED
Refresh rate 120Hz adaptive
CPU A17 Pro
Storage 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Rear cameras 48MP main/12MP ultrawide/12MP telephoto w/ 5x zoom
Front camera 12MP
Battery 4,422 mAh [rumored]
Battery lfe (Hrs:Mins) 14:02
Charging Port USB-C
Size 6.29 x 3.02 x 0.32 inches
Weight 7.8 ounces
Colors Black, white, blue, gray

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Apple iPhone15 PRO MAX reviews

Our Apple iPhone15 PRO MAX reviews Summary

Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max Upgrade Worth It? Let us Dissect It!

We can undoubtedly conclude that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is generating quite a stir in the tech industry after combing through numerous evaluations. There is certainly no shortage of opinions, from heated disputes about its design to comments about its performance. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the good, bad, and downright odd reviews from individuals who have put this phone through its paces.

The Highlights

Performance and Image Quality: Several reviews praised the iPhone 15 Pro Max's superb camera quality and performance. It appears to be very capable of taking great photos and movies.

Design and comfort: Users praised the phone's sleek design and pleasant feel in their hands, indicating that it is an aesthetically beautiful and ergonomic device.

Quality of Display and Speakers: Other aspects that earned appreciation included the high refresh rate and excellent brightness of the display, as well as the robust sound output from the speakers.

Increased Durability: According to numerous reviewers, the addition of a titanium frame and easy back glass repair were moves in the right way for durability.

The Pitfalls

Durability and battery life Concerns: Multiple reviews expressed concerns about the phone's battery life and overall durability, which is a tough pill to take for those considering an upgrade.

Issues with Thermal Management and Connectivity: Some instances of thermal management concerns and trouble connecting to public networks were also highlighted, dampening the otherwise remarkable performance.

Package and price: Some cited pricing and the lack of a USB 3.0 charging cord as significant limitations, provoking heated debate regarding the overall value for money.

The Oddities

Several reviewers mentioned the need to solve several "quirks," such as proposed improvements to durability, battery life, low light photography, thermal management, and more color selections. This caused considerable amusement because who knew a phone could have so many "quirky" features?


So there you have it - a quick glance at the mixed reactions to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Despite its clearly outstanding performance and photography capabilities, it appears that there are a few places where it falls short. From battery life and durability issues to minor glitches that need to be ironed out, the iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to be a work in progress. So, if you are on the fence about upgrading from your trusty old iPhone, perhaps you should wait a bit longer. The next edition might well be worth the wait... Who knows, maybe by then we may have a USB 3.0 cable included!