What is Meritmeter?

Meritmeter is the #1 crowdsourcing video reviews platform for tech users to share their genuine experience by video and rate it in a few clicks.Simply because they want to contribute to a better world by making a statement and expressing their ideas for improvement, and to help others who are tired of wasting time searching for genuine reviews, or watching many video testimonial for tech products without any ratings.

How Meritmeter Works

Meritmeter sketch

“Easy to read, Easy to compare, Easy to decide.”

Meritmeter uses three levels system; low, medium, high, with an overall product merits score (1-100) that combines the number of reviews, reviews merit score, other users votes and reviewers credibility for that product to make it easy to read reviews, compare products, and make better decisions.

“Change the world one review at a time"

When reviewers uploaded their reviews, they can make a wish for an improvement and Meritmeter will share those wishes with product manufacturers to be implemented. With that reviewers can help change the world and become heroes.

Review your gadgets on Meritmeter

Video reviews


Have an opinion about a gadget you love or hate? Pick your camera right away, make a short video with your review and give it your own rating.

Make a Wish


Think you have an idea that can make a difference to a gadget? Do not keep your idea to yourself, voice it on Meritmeter and we will ensure it is heard.

Earn Credits


Vote and post on reviews to earn credits to increase your credibility and redeem those credits for upcoming products and services from Meritmeter.

Meritmeter Reviews are Different

Product merits


Let the collective review ratings, reviewers credibility, user votes and the number of reviews tell you about the product merits score.

review sentiment


Hey, sit up, look at the color of the review bubble indicating the reviewers sentiment and decide whether you want to watch further!

Vote on reviews


Camera-shy? Feel free to vote on others reviews and comment on them. Have some queries? Let the reviewer answer your query.

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