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Apple iPhone 8

Category : Mobile

Release Year: 2017


Publish Date:
September 24, 2017


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money Medium
- Hey guys, this is Austin.Any other year and this phone would be called the iPhone 7s.It has a new design with a glass back, upgraded cameras,faster internals, and even a new featurein wireless charging.And yet, all of this is under the shadow of the upcomingiPhone X, which really does beg the question,why does the iPhone 8 exist?Of course, plenty of companies have a wide varietyof phones to choose from, ranging from budget optionsall the way to the incredibly expensive, and surprisingly,Apple is actually no exception this year.You have options ranging all the way from the $350 iPhone SEto the $450 iPhone 6s, the $550 iPhone 7.Of course you've got the $700 iPhone 8, as well as all wayup into the top of the range, the $1,000 iPhone X.The issue is that Samsung has already been shippinga truly next generation-feeling piece of hardwarewith the Galaxy S8.Not only is it going to cost you about the same amountas the iPhone 8, but it's been shipping for the better partof a year already.In a vacuum, the iPhone 8 is a nice design, however,when you put it side by side with the Galaxy S8,that iPhone really does look a lot less like a brand-new2017 flagship, and a lot more like a 2014 iPhone 6.Apple has made some small improvements to the iPhone 8,most notably including their True Tone tech.So this is borrowed from the iPad, and it adjuststhe white balance of the display to better suitthe environment that you're in.It's a cool feature, and of the course the iPhonestill has a solid IPS display.When you put it side by side with the Galaxy S8,it is absolutely no contest.The AMOLED display of the S8 not only has far better color,brightness, and especially contrast,but the Infinity display means that not only does it havecurved edges, but essentially no bezel on top and bottomof the phone, either.This is pretty much the approach that Apple is takingwith the iPhone X, and I would actually argue thatthey're taking it even farther.So yes, you do have to deal with the notch,but in exchange, the rest of the phone is pretty muchentirely screen.There is essentially no bezels in sight.The only issue is, is that the iPhone X costs a whopping$300 more than both the S8 as well as the iPhone 8.It's not all bad, though.The iPhone 8 shares a lot of specs with the X,including very, very similar cameras.So paired with better processing and new sensors,this is actually a surprisingly big leap over the previousgeneration of iPhones.It brings it a lot closer to stuff like the Galaxy S8,as well as the Pixel, especially when you consider justhow much detail you're able to get in a single image.(laughing) You want to be in the video?This is like actually perfect.This is the iPhone 8.- Is that the iPhone 8?- It's the iPhone 8 right now.What are you guys' names?- I'm Davey.- Nice to meet you.- I'm Dayna.- I guess there's a little occasion going on today,or something?- We just got married.- Congratulations!- Can I take some pictures with this?- Yeah.- Alright, let's do it.- Alright, ready, and (clicks) that looks really good.(laughing)Alright, let me try some portrait mode here.That's pretty nice, right?- [Davey] That's awesome.- [Dayna] Oooh!- It messed up a little bit with the veil, but that'spretty nice.- Yeah, that's pretty good.- That's super good.- Video on the 8 is really impressive.It's second to only maybe the LG V30.So the stabilization works really well, especially whenyou're hand-held, and you do have some new 4K shootingmodes, including 4K 24, which I'm actually a big fan of,but you also can shoot at a pretty impressive4K 60 frames per second.We're also getting an upgraded 240 frame per second modeand a full 1080p.So the last iPhone could do 240, but it was at 720p,and honestly, it was pretty grainy.With the iPhone 8, you're getting surprisingly usablefootage, especially when you slow it down by 10 times,some of the results can actually look surprisingly good.You're also getting the Apple A11 Bionic chip.Now I'll spare you all the technical details,but both the iPhone 8, as well as the iPhone X,which share the same spec, are very, very fast.Put the iPhone 8 side by side with not only the 7,but also the Galaxy S8, as well as the Note 8,you'll see that the iPhone 8 is hands down the fastestphone out right now in Geekbench.It's a similar story on the graphics side with GFXBench,although here it's less of a runaway victory, but the iPhonestill does win out.It's impressive enough that I slightly lost my mindand compared it to the PlayStation 4.You guys can check that video out if you want to seehow they stack up, but suffice it to saythe iPhone is very, very fast.It's not perfect, though.While the glass back doesn't get as warm under extendedgaming, like the iPhone 7 did, when you compare itside by side with the Galaxy S8, as well as the Note 8,you will see that the iPhone 8 does exhibit somethermal throttling.In actual use, though, the iPhone 8 is incredibly snappy,and that should be shared with the iPhone X.That is a surprisingly common thread between the8 and the X.Not only do they both support wireless charging,but they also have fast charging viaa USB-C Lightning cable, which my friend Danny Wingettested, and it actually stacks up fairly well comparedto a lot of other Android flagships.You're also getting the same IP67 water resistanceon both the 8 as well as the X.Now I don't have a X in to test just yet, but I cansay that the iPhone 8 speakers sound phenomenal.It's the same basic stereo design from the iPhone 7.It's much louder, much richer, it really does putnot only other Android phones to shame, but it's reallythe first phone in years that's come close to matchingHTC's BoomSound.So yes, the iPhone 8 does give up the bezelless OLED displayfrom the X, but in return, the X gives up TouchID.Now FaceID is interesting, and there's no doubtthat Apple's put a ton of really interesting technologyinto it, but it is the only option shortof using a passcode.There are tons of situations where I would rather pullmy phone out and use TouchID on the iPhone 8,versus hold the X in front of my face and hope that itactually unlocks.Even if it's a perfect setup, I would still preferto have the option of using TouchID.At first glance, the iPhone 8 seems like a weird choicein a 2017 world of super-thin bezels, but look pastthe screen and everything else is there.To me, the iPhone X is looking like a classicfirst-generation Apple product.It's a beautiful design, and there's a ton of potential,but it's also really expensive, and if the supply rumorsare true, it is going to be quite a while before it'seasy to actually get your hands on one.I can understand why someone might want to pick upan iPhone 8 today.It might not even be crazy to skip the X altogetherand wait for the next generation, which hopefully bringsthe same design, but with a lower price,and hopefully stuff like TouchID will be readded.But, what do you guys think?Should the iPhone 8 exist in 2017?Let me know in the comments below, and I willcatch you on the next one.

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