Apple iPhone 15 PRO MAX review by MobileTechReview

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September 27, 2023

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Title: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Review
By: MobileTechReview

The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers several noteworthy changes compared to previous models. The casing material is now titanium, which is lighter and addresses the previous issue of the device being too heavy. The design has also been slightly modified, with less sharp edges and easier back glass replacement. The display is brighter and the bezels have been slightly reduced. The introduction of USBC allows for a wider selection of compatible devices and accessories. The camera improvements include an optical 5x telephoto lens and a default 24-megapixel shooting mode for sharper pictures. The mute slider has been replaced with an action button, which adds versatility to its use. Battery life remains consistent with previous models, and the performance has been enhanced with the new A7 Pro CPU. Overall, the reviewer suggests that while the improvements are not groundbreaking, they are significant enough for users considering an upgrade after a few years. However, they do mention the need for improvement in the durability of the back glass.

Apple iPhone 15 PRO MAX

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2023

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