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July 20, 2023

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Title: Nintendo Switch 2 - EVERYTHING We Know!

This article discusses various rumors and leaks regarding Nintendo's upcoming Switch 2 console. The potential release date is reported to be in the first quarter of 2024, with multiple credible sources pointing towards its development. Performance upgrades are expected, with the Switch 2 potentially matching the level of performance seen in the PS4. The use of a new chip based on an 8nm manufacturing process could result in improved power efficiency and visual enhancements through technologies like DLSS and Ray Tracing. The ability to run AAA titles like Call of Duty and improved visuals suggest a more powerful console that could entice developers to create more games for the platform. Backward compatibility and the smooth transition of data from the current Switch to the Switch 2 are also mentioned. The reviewer expresses their desire for a brighter OLED display, a newer Bluetooth standard, improved Wi-Fi, PS5-level haptics, and compatibility with streaming services. The possibility of multiple models for the Switch 2 is raised, with an 11-inch 120Hz OLED variant being suggested. Overall, the article provides an overview of the rumors and potential features of Nintendo's upcoming Switch 2 console.
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