Nintendo Switch review by Kevin Kenson

Publish Date:
May 16, 2023

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Title: Is it safe to buy a Switch right now?
By: Kevin Kenson

The reviewer discusses the current state of the Nintendo Switch and whether it is a good time to purchase one. They mention that the recently released game, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, has received positive reviews and is a great addition to the Switch library. They also note that there are no major confirmed releases for the Switch after Tears of the Kingdom, but there may be announcements in the upcoming months. The reviewer acknowledges that there are rumors of new hardware coming, but based on Nintendo's official statements, it is unlikely to be released within the next year. The reviewer suggests that waiting for an upgrade may not be necessary, as the current Switch library is already strong and offers a great gaming experience. They discuss the different Switch models and recommend the regular Switch for docked play, the Switch Lite for handheld play, and the Switch OLED for the best overall experience. The reviewer concludes that, while opinions may change if new information is released, it is still worth buying a Switch right now to enjoy the current game offerings.

Nintendo Switch

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