Nintendo Switch review by Max Dendy

Publish Date:
March 16, 2022

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Title: Nintendo Switch OLED - a PC gamer's Review
By: Max Dendy

In this review, the reviewer shares their experience with the Nintendo Switch OLED. They discuss how the console strikes a good balance between portability and stationary gaming and how it is a great upgrade from the original Switch. The OLED screen is praised for its vibrant colors and true black, making games look more immersive. The kickstand and metal frame also add to the premium feel of the console. Other improvements such as increased storage, improved Wi-Fi connection, and a new dock station are highlighted. However, the review criticizes the joy-cons for their ongoing drift issue and lack of comfort, leading the reviewer to use alternative controllers. The dock station is also criticized for not having rubber feet and the back panel popping off easily. The main disappointment is the performance, as the console still uses the same system-on-chip as the original Switch, which limits the resolution and frame rates of games. The high price of games is also mentioned as a downside. Despite these flaws, the reviewer concludes that the Switch OLED is the perfect choice for those who value its unique features, such as the ability to seamlessly switch between TV and handheld mode. They believe that the upgrades justify the extra cost and recommend the console to existing Switch owners who are looking for a better gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch

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