Sony Playstation 5 review by GameSpot

Publish Date:
November 6, 2020

  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design Medium
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money High

Title: PlayStation 5 Review
By: GameSpot

The reviewer praises the PS5 as a fantastic console that sets a new standard for gaming experiences. They appreciate the bold and eye-catching design of the console, as well as the streamlined user interface and improved DualSense controller. The power of the console allows for impressive graphics and performance, particularly in games like Spider-Man Miles Morales. The custom SSD provides fast loading times and enhances the overall gaming experience. The reviewer also mentions the backwards compatibility feature, which allows for playing most PS4 games on the PS5 with few issues. They highlight the potential for developers to utilize the unique features of the PS5, such as the adaptive triggers, to create even more immersive and enjoyable games. Overall, the reviewer is excited about the future of gaming on the PS5 and believes it has the potential to be a great console.
Sony Playstation 5 specs and Sony  5 video reviews and merits score.

Price: $475

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Sony Playstation 5

Category : Gaming

Release Year: 2020

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