Sony Playstation 5 review by Naseem Speach

Publish Date:
September 4, 2023

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Title: PS5: 3 Years Later Review - Major Differences!
By: Naseem Speach

After three years of using the PS5, the reviewer is highly satisfied with the console. They praise the wide range of exclusive games available, highlighting titles such as God of War Ragnarok and Spider-Man Miles Morales. The reviewer also mentions upcoming exclusives that add to the already impressive lineup. They appreciate the customizable design of the console, with various options for changing plates and colors. The performance of the PS5 is praised, with the ability to play games in 4K and at a high refresh rate. The home screen and interface are considered next-gen and visually appealing. The DualSense controller is described as premium and comfortable to hold. The reviewer mentions the benefits of having a PlayStation Plus subscription, which provides access to a library of games. The only major drawback mentioned is the limited storage space on the console and the lack of compatibility with external hard drives for PS5 games. Overall, the reviewer believes that the PS5 is worth buying after three years due to its great games, hardware, and customizability.
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Sony Playstation 5

Category : Gaming

Release Year: 2020

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