Google Fitbit Sense 2 review by Mike O'Brien

Publish Date:
October 9, 2022

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Title: Google's New Smartwatch (Fitbit Sense 2)
By: Mike O'Brien

The Fitbit Sense 2 is a great device for people who are looking to get into shape and track their health. Its design is versatile and functional, with a physical button and a six-day battery life. The Fitbit app is user-friendly and gamifies health and fitness goals. However, the lack of app support and the paywall for more in-depth analytics are drawbacks. The device also seems neglected by Google, leading to uncertainty about its future software updates and improvement. Overall, it is a great device for casual exercisers, but not for intensive athletes.

Google Fitbit Sense-2

Category : Sports

Release Year: 2022

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