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Release Year: 2021

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Withings ScanWatch reviews

Our Withings ScanWatch reviews Summary

Withings ScanWatch: The Good and the Bad

Are you looking for a wristwatch with advanced health and fitness tracking capabilities? With its stylish design, extended battery life, and comprehensive health functions, the Withings ScanWatch has piqued the interest of many consumers. But is it truly worth the money? Let us go deeper into what users are saying.

The Positive

The Withings ScanWatch's beautiful design and comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities are two of its most common compliments. Many customers like the conventional watch design with smart capabilities, and medical-grade features like ECG and blood oxygen level tracking have left a favorable impression. The quick setup and effective design make it worth the price, and consumers are thrilled about the pending sleep apnea detection approval. Furthermore, the lengthy battery life and ability to track health and workouts have been cited as notable characteristics.

The Negative

While the Withings ScanWatch has garnered high praise for its health and fitness tracking capabilities, several users have complained about limitations in accuracy and continuous measurements for specific parameters. There have also been complaints about the lack of some smartwatch functions and durability issues. Some users have voiced anticipation for future upgrades that will improve the watch's compatibility with payment providers and its alarm adjustment capability.


Overall, the Withings ScanWatch appears to be an attractive alternative to current market smartwatches. It has won over many consumers searching for a comprehensive smartwatch experience thanks to its focus on health and fitness tracking, elegant design, and long battery life. While there are certain flaws, such as accuracy and smartwatch capabilities, the Withings ScanWatch has the potential to be a valuable tool for individuals seeking advanced health insights. If you are looking for a hybrid smartwatch with a heavy emphasis on health tracking, the Withings ScanWatch is a great option.