Nintendo Switch review by SpawnPoiint

Publish Date:
January 16, 2022

  • Works as advertised High
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  • Worth the money High

Title: The OLED Nintendo Switch: Should You Buy One?
By: SpawnPoiint

The reviewer introduces the OLED Switch, highlighting its features and updates compared to the original model. They discuss the contents of the box and their first impressions of the device. The OLED screen is praised for its size, brightness, and viewing angles, although the resolution is still limited to 720p. The overall design and feel of the device are positively reviewed, with the new wider tabletop stand being a notable improvement. The reviewer also mentions the ease of use and compatibility of the joy-cons. The gaming experience, CPU, and GPU performance remain the same as the original Switch. The three different modes of playing (handheld, tabletop, docked) are discussed, with the advantages of each mode highlighted. The dock and its ports, including the newly added LAN port, are also mentioned. Battery life and charging options are covered, with the device being compatible with USB-C cables. The reviewer concludes that the OLED Switch is worth buying, especially for those who don't already have the original model. They express satisfaction with their purchase and the improved screen. The reviewer encourages feedback and recommendations for Nintendo Switch games.

Nintendo Switch

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