Canon EOS 50D review by slrjoe

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September 10, 2012

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Title: Canon 50D review
By: slrjoe

The Canon EOS 50D is a reliable and durable camera that works as advertised. It has a 15-megapixel sensor, which is an improvement over its predecessor, the 40D. The camera has a sturdy construction and is relatively lightweight. It features a three-inch LCD screen and a button layout similar to other XxD cameras. The addition of a live view mode button makes it easier to switch to this mode. The camera can shoot at up to 6.3 frames per second, although slightly slower than the 40D. It is compatible with both Canon EF and EF-S lenses, but being a cropped sensor camera, it may not be ideal for wide-angle photography. The reviewer used the camera during the London 2012 Olympics and found the continuous shooting mode to be a major benefit for capturing fast-paced sports events. The price of the 50D is around £400 for a secondhand model, making it more expensive than the 40D but significantly cheaper than the current model, the 60D. The main advantages of choosing the 50D over the others are its higher megapixel count, easier access to live view mode, and the ability to increase the ISO level to 12,800. Overall, the reviewer is satisfied with the performance of the Canon EOS 50D.
Canon EOS 50D specs and Canon  50D video reviews and merits score.

Price: $468

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Canon EOS 50D

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Release Year: 2008

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