Rove R3 Dashcam review by MBZ Master

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July 9, 2023

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Title: 3 Rotatable Cameras | ROVE-R3 Dashcam Review!
By: MBZ Master

The reviewer discusses the features and installation process of the Prof r33 cameras dash cam system. They highlight the convenience of having two separately rotatable cameras in one budget-friendly system, as well as the infrared capabilities and touchscreen display. They also provide tips for installation and setup. The reviewer tests the system and shows video footage from the front, interior, and rear cameras, mentioning that the quality is good during the day but may require adjustments for night recording. They recommend the dash cam based on its decent quality and low price, and provide a discount promo code for purchasing.
Rove R3 Dashcam specs and Rove  Dashcam video reviews and merits score.

Price: $260

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Rove R3 Dashcam

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