Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 specs and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 video reviews and merits score.

Price: $140

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Category : Tablet

Release Year: 2014

Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Processor: Quad-core 1.2 GHz
Memory: 16 GB, 1.5 GB RAM
Storage: microSD, up to 64 GB
Battery:Up to 10hr (multimedia)
Dimensions: 243.4 x 176.4 x 8 mm

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Samsung GalaxyTab 4 reviews

Our Samsung GalaxyTab 4 reviews Summary

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: A Blast from the Past 📱

Take a trip down memory lane with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4! Released in 2014, this mid-range tablet still holds up in 2022 and beyond. Let's take a closer look at the feedback from users to see if this blast from the past is worth a trip down memory lane.

1. Performance and Battery Life: A Pleasant Surprise 🚀

The battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is PHENOMENAL. Lasting for more than a day, this tablet's 4450mAh battery keeps the party going. Perfect for gaming and everyday use, you won't have to worry about running out of juice when you're binge-watching your favorite shows.

2. Camera Quality: Not Picture Perfect 📸

Unfortunately, the camera quality on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 falls short of expectations. With a 1.3MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, you won't be winning any photography awards with this device. If you're looking for Instagram-worthy shots, you might want to look elsewhere.

3. Design and Display: A Mixed Bag 🎨

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 boasts a solid build quality, but its display leaves something to be desired. While the 10.1-inch version offers a good quality display, the 7-inch version lacks in performance and display quality.

4. Software and App Compatibility: A Few Hiccups 📲

The Android operating system on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has its quirks. Some users experienced issues with apps crashing and multitasking, which could put a damper on your tablet experience. Additionally, the tablet struggled with some modern apps, but still ran smoothly for basic use.

5. Overall Verdict: A Glimpse into the Past 🕰️

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 offers a nostalgia-packed experience for users who are looking for a blast from the past. While it may struggle with some modern apps and its camera quality is subpar, it shines in terms of performance and battery life. If you're in the market for a budget-friendly tablet for everyday use, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 might just be your ticket to the past.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a mid-range tablet that still holds up in 2022, offering decent performance, outstanding battery life, and a solid build quality. While its camera quality and display may not be top-notch, it's a budget-friendly option for users who value functionality over aesthetics. So, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic and want to take a trip down memory lane, give the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 a spin—it might just surprise you!