Withings Smart scale review by Shervin Shares

Publish Date:
April 3, 2022
Health Care

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Title: Don't Buy an EXPENSIVE Body Fat Scale Until You Watch This
By: Shervin Shares

The reviewer compares a $200 smart scale with a $20 smart scale and discusses the concept of measuring body fat percentages. They mention that both scales use bioelectrical impedance to estimate body fat, but studies have shown that these measurements can be off by up to 20%. The reviewer also emphasizes the importance of tracking body weight and body fat trends for managing overall health and lifestyle choices. They mention their preference for a more accurate DEXA scan, but recognize the value of daily measurements with a cheap scale. The reviewer compares the features and design of both scales and emphasizes the need for consistency in measurements. They mention other advanced smart scales that they would like to try in the future. Overall, they recommend purchasing a cheap scale that integrates with other smart apps.

Withings Smart scale

Category : Health Care

Release Year: 2021

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