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Release Year: 2021

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Withings Smartscale reviews

Our Withings Smartscale reviews Summary

Is the Withings Smart Scale Worth Your Money?

So you are considering purchasing a smart scale to measure your body metrics, but you are not sure if the Withings Body+ is the best option for you. Fear not, since we have gathered a variety of customer input and are here to explain it all down for you.

Let us begin with the nice things.

The Positive

Fitness & Finance readers rave about the Withings Body+ Smart Scale, praising its usefulness, ease of use, and companion Healthmate app. They have also emphasized the scale's capacity to track body composition rather than just weight, which is a huge plus for people who want to keep track of their entire health.

The scale's performance and precision, as well as its clean appearance, have also impressed Ryan's Tech. The reviewer adds that the scale is simple to use and can measure a variety of body composition measurements, both of which are significant advantages.

The scale is a must-have, according to ModernDad, because it works as stated, is simple to use and maintain, and has an average design. Overall, the scale's dependability and ability to monitor health measures are highly complimented.

Now for the bad news.

The Negative

Erin Lawrence discovered that the Withings Body+ setup process was a touch difficult, necessitating customer support involvement. The flawed setup caused annoyance, and the reviewer eventually preferred Fitbit smart scales instead.

Wes James Henderson tested the scale for accuracy in measuring body fat and discovered that the values varied and were inconsistent. This raised concerns about the scale's worth, as it performed similarly to a cheaper scale the reviewer already possessed.

While satisfied with the scale's performance, Ryan's Tech is concerned about Withings' subscription service. The reviewer has some reservations about the service's features and cost due to a lack of openness and clarity.

Shervin Shares, for example, compared a $200 smart scale to a $20 smart scale and explored the concept of tracking body fat percentages. The reviewer underlined the potential inaccuracy of bioelectrical impedance measurements and suggested instead purchasing a less expensive scale that interfaces with other smart apps.

So, what is the final word?

The Withings Body+ Smart Scale appears to have some excellent features, including the ability to track multiple body composition data, a stylish design, and ease of use. However, some users appear to be dissatisfied with the setup process and the accuracy of readings.

At the end of the day, whether the scale is worth the cost is entirely dependent on your priorities. If you want a scale that can track more than just weight, has a stylish design, and is relatively simple to use, the Withings Body+ is worth considering. If accuracy and ease of setup are important to you, it may be worth looking into other choices.

If everything else fails, you may always rely on the good old-fashioned method of recording body weight and body fat trends with consistency and precision using a conventional scale.

So, while you assess your alternatives (pun intended), remember to examine what is most important to you and what corresponds with your health and lifestyle requirements. After all, it is all about figuring out what works best for you when it comes to your body measurements!