Flybot FPV Racing Flying Wing 1 review by alishanmao

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March 2, 2019


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money Medium
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Introducing the Flybot Flux High Speed FPV Racing Flying Wing Kit. Build it in one evening and unleash the high speed FPV Flights to satisfy your need for speed in the skies.

As the successor to the MiniRaceWing the FLUX inherits all its unique features and extends them. Freestyle, Race and Proximity flying was never this easy and carefree! With it's high efficient, agile but smooth flying characteristics the FLUX is the perfect wing for everyone who wants to up their piloting skills. And if there's a tree or the ground jumping into your flight path the carbon fuselage is here to save the day!

With the latest in foam and production technology the wings are more tough and the surface smoother. Refined wing profile and geometry gives it a bit of extra lift for carefree launches and easy landings without losing the efficiency and rigidity at top speed. With the easy to build carbon pod the FLUX can be ready to fly in just one evening. There are plenty mounting options for your gear, including the latest FPV Cameras and flight controls. 

The FLUX is using an innovative wing mount for easy transport and crash release. Collecting the wings and pot and sticking them together again is all you need to usually do after a crash. 

Enjoy the Maiden Flight and see how flybot flux fills you with adrenalin with its crazy fast flight performance. Its simply high speed FPV madness here. Don’t forge to watch the build and FPV Flight videos on my Channels

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Flybot FPV Racing Flying Wing 1

Category : Drone

Release Year: 2018

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Dani Al Mar 10th, 2019 Agree

Another good review, thanks for the merits. They are big time saver.