Apple iPhone 8 specs and Apple iPhone 8 video reviews and merits score.

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Apple iPhone 8

Category : Mobile

Release Year: 2017

    Overall Merits Score:
  • 8
  • 8

Publish Date:
December 25, 2017


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable Medium
  • Worth the money Medium

Hi guys into the B review and iPhone. A 64 gig space grey I bought this because I was due an upgrade on my 6s and I only had 16 gig of memory on my 6s so and I was kind of sort of in-between the iPhone X and the 8 and I decided to go with the iphone 8. I've had this for two weeks now and it's pretty amazing. I'm very very happy with the product. Let's have a look inside.

As you can see here we've got the box as usual sleek and stylish by Apple good finish nice and solid strong quite durable. You've got some literature on the back here. Again this is a very well built box compared to the previous ones look very very durable actually. So if it falls while it's in the box or in transit to buy Amazon or any of the other companies is quite safe actually inside a box. You will find some literature and in that literature. There is your little pin for you to put your SIM on. Oh so again you've got some more a few tips and hints on how to use some of the buttons on the side of the iPhone and what they are for then inside you will have your usual mains plug that you can plug in to any mains.

So you'd have your headphones which obviously they don't have the normal pin it's actually ust be lightning now and that's pretty much it. Apart from that you've got your iPhone which I've got here on the side which I will show you in one moment.

So here is guy here's that iPhone 8. In space grey black. Excellent finish again as you can see this is now glass apparently. It does feel quite fragile is so colour coded so you see the buttons are no longer different colours they all look spaced Grey all related. Quite slick finish. Again. You haven't got the loo all you know the socket for head phones anymore. It's all lightning. But you've got two speakers on the side now which it does make a really really big difference on the sound and so I've actually felt that difference. Listening to music and actually listening to any type of audio that I need to listen to. It's a 4.7 inch display same as the iPhone 7. He's got true tone colors which is a new feature from the iPhone 3rd touch as you can see very very very fast. The A11 bionic chip it's incredible. It makes it very very fast and you know I can't stress how good that actually is. Again the home button. Well you know the quick features and that you've got now. It gives you various different options. Oh so you've got a screen recording button over here which you can literally you can record the screen and I'll do that in a moment so you can actually see how that works. So literally if you want to record the screen of your own iPhone you can now do that. So you get an idea of the audio and the changes that it's made since the success and possibly the iphone 7 as well. I'll give you I'll just play you something so you can see the difference in audio on this.

This is full blast.

So just quickly this is the record in screen recording capability of the new iPhone. So you can actually record a screen whatever you want to record. You can record unnice if you're on a record you have a clip of a Philmore clip of a YouTube video clip you played the game in and send it to a friend or whatever you can do it now on that iPhone 8.

Okay guys so this is my final review on the iPhone 8 64G space gray. Just to recap. so does it deliver its promise? Yes it does. Is it appealing? Extremely appealing. Lots of new features, lots of stuff that you can do with it. Great phone to have. I really like it. I'm very happy with this product this time. Is it user friendly? It's extremely user friendly. The A11 boinic chip is very fast and very interactive. is it reliable? Well it's pretty reliable as long as you buy a cover for it, you know to protect as it feels fragile. But it's pretty reliable I think it's reliable now. Is it worth the money? guys between the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8. Between you paying a thousand pounds and 800 hundred pounds for the iPhone, there isn't much difference between the two apart from the face ID from the only iPhone 10. So great guys if you like the review thumbs up. If you don't like the review thumbs down. If you really like the review going get yourself an iPhone 8. Thank you.

Dani Al Aug 25th, 2018 Agree

Just bought iPhone 8 after your review...thanks!