MSI GF65 Thin review by NerdWithCars

Publish Date:
July 23, 2022

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Title: 95ºC Max Temp Tapos PHP 70,000!? NO, THANKS! | MSI GF65 Thin 10UE | Cavemann TechXclusive
By: Cavemann TechXclusive

The GF65 gaming laptop with upgraded RAM and an RTX 3060 works exceptionally well for demanding games and VR. The keyboard may take time to get used to, and the heat can be an issue. Under volting helps with the heat, but a better cooling system would improve the laptop even more. Additionally, increasing the wattage improves performance. Overall, the GF65 is a solid gaming laptop that is affordable and performs well.

MSI GF65- Thin-

Category : Computer

Release Year: 2019

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