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Google Pixel 3a

Category : Mobile

Release Year: 2019


Publish Date:
May 7, 2019


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money High
- Hey guys, this is Austin!And today we're here in Mountain Viewfor Google's annual I/O conferencewhere they've announced the brand new, cheaperGoogle Pixel 3A.Now this phone has leaked, and leaked, and leaked.I mean, the first time we saw thiswas back in December,and this even last week was on sale at Best Buybefore it was even actually announced.So, we got the Pixel 3A a little bit early,so right as we got to Google I/O they handed it to us.And uh, that's me.- Yours is more flattering than mine.Check mine out, guys.(Austin laughs)Biggest eyes I've ever seen.- Now what makes this special is the price.So the Pixel 3A starts at just $400and the Pixel 3A XL is $480.Now sure, that's not dirt cheap or anything,but around half the price of the standard Pixel 3,that is a big, big difference.And really the main idea here is thatyou're really not losing a lotwhen you go down in that much lower price bracket.It was not long ago that a flagship phone costfive, maybe 600 dollars.However in the last couple yearswe've seen some major changes on that front.I mean, you're talking about the iPhone that's $1,000,the Galaxy S10 which can go well above $1,000.I mean, even the standard Pixel 3 starts at 800 bucks,and can stretch all the way up to, what,like 950 bucks or something?Now it's cool to see high-end phonesthat are really pushing the boundariesof what we can do with tech,but not everyone wants to spend $1,000or even $2,000 in the case of some of thesehigh-end folding phones.Something like the Pixel 3A which deliversa very similar experience for somethingthat's much more reasonable,I do think does make a lot of sense for most people.I mean really, for the vast majority of peoplewho are watching this video right now,if you're buying a two to four hundred dollar phone,you're getting 90% the experienceof a much more expensive flagship.And that is definitely a good thing.I have a question.- Yes sir?- What do you think about a $400 Pixel 3A?And should someone actually buy it?- Um, it depends, it depends on--- Does the fact that I'm putting a microphonestraight in your face without you having any warningchange your opinion here?- No, it doesn't but it's very close to my mouth.- That's how you're supposed to use a microphone.- Is that true?- Ken, is that true?- [Ken] Yes.- Yes.- [Danny] But I don't know if somebodyshould buy this or not,I think it's, I think it's legit.- You heard it here first.- Legit.- Hi, friend.- Hey, how's it going?Hey, what's up?- I'm putting the microphone uncomfortably close to people.- I know, it's very, it's like,I don't know what I'm supposed to,am I supposed to lick it?Um, I'm liking the cameras,been playing around with the camerasfor the past couple of days.Uh, for that price point,I think that's the biggest selling point.- I gotta say, after looking at all of the other colors,the black does look kind of boring.But there's a lot more the Pixel 3A than just the color.Especially there's a lot more to it than just the looks.So to get to this lower price point,one of the main cuts here is the build quality.As opposed to it being made out of metal and glass,it is all plastic.Now, they've actually done a pretty good job of hiding this.So the back finish feels almost identicalwith the sort of matte finish on the bottomand the sort of the glossier finish on top.When you look at it on the sideit is very clear that this is a plastic phone,and that's a little bit of a concern at $400.If it survives the JerryRigEverything test maybe,I don't know, it gives me a little bit of pause.It certainly doesn't feel quite as premiumwhen you hold it on the side, I mean it's just,it's just glossy black plastic, it's not...- No!What are you, I'm not gonna JerryRigEverything itright here in front of the stage,this phone got announced like twenty-five,like, twenty minutes ago?Aw man, it bends really easy.Mmm.No, I'm not gonna do that.Now, there's no wireless chargingor any kind of official water-resistance,but both the 3A as well as the 3A XL don't have a notch.Now this does look a little dated to be honest,especially when you consider that a lot of other phonesin this price point have tiny notches, but,on the other hand you don't have the Pixel 3 XL's notch,so yeah.You know one thing the 3A does have, a headphone jack!Yes my friends, Google's decidedto bring back the headphone jack on the lower end models.Which is a really interesting decision.I guess because there's really no reasonnot to include it, but then if that's the casewhy didn't they include it on the higher end models?Anyway, also what you do get, thankfully,are also stereo speakers.Now, it's really loud here,so I actually really haven't been able to test themall that much, but the fact that we do have stereo speakersas well as the headphone jack is awesome on a phone,well pretty much any phone, but especiallysomething with a $400 price point.There are actually very few differences betweenthe Pixel 3A as well as the XL.The main difference is thatthe XL has a larger 6-inch display compared to 5.6 inchesas well as this has a bigger battery.3,700 million amp-hours as well as 3,000,but besides that they are pretty much the exact same phone,same cameras, same specs, all that kind of stuff.Now, you are missing out on the spec side of things.So inside, you'll find a Snapdragon 670 processor,as opposed to the 845 on the Pixel 3,as well as the 855 on a lot of high-end flagshipssuch as the Galaxy S10e, as well as the S10 and well,most everything else.So the interesting thing about thisis that they're really banking on the ideaof software being incredibly well optimized.Now the Pixel line is kind of interesting for thatbecause a lot of times they're incredibly fastwhen you first get them, and yetthe Pixel 3 has certainly had some issues with sort ofthat long-term liability of it actually staying fast.So we'll have to see how well things gobut at least at first glance it does seemto be pretty reasonably snappyand it does have that same four gigs of RAM, althoughyou are limited to only 64 gigs of storage on this guy.Really the star of the show here is the camera.So Google has claimed that thisis a very, very similar experienceto what you will find on the standard Pixel 3.As far as I can tell the hardware itself,so the lens, the sensor, the optical image stabilization,is all pretty much identical here.The main difference is going to be on the software sideas well as on the processing sidebecause it does not have that same Snapdragon CPU,which means that even though it has a Snapdragon processor,it probably won't have the exact same performance.So when we've done a few testsand kinda played around with it,we have gotten pretty similar results.It's a very sharp camera, you do have thingssuch as Night Sight, but this is really the main questionof whether or not will it actually havethat super high-end camera performance.First impressions seems to be good, right?It seems to be really close, butI don't really feel comfortable sayingoh, it's the exact same as the $800 Pixeluntil I have a little bit more time to play with it.But if they nail the camera, this is absolutelythe killer feature of the Pixel 3A.I mean, it really is kind ofthe main feature of the Pixel in general.So if you're talking about something that's 400 bucksthat has some of the best image qualityof any smartphone you can buy,that is an incredibly compelling value proposition.I'm cold, can you tell that?When you come to a Google event,you have to come prepared, right?I walked in they're like hey Austin how's it going,here's a badge, here's a hat, I'm like,thank you very much, I'm gonna wearthat hat for my entire video.Is it difficult to listen to a guywho's wearing a propeller hat as he tells youto buy very expensive technology?I don't think so, seems reasonable enough to me.Also, speaking of some of the stuffthey announced here at I/O,is a lot of security and privacy updates.So we literally just did a video pointing outsome of the slightly questionable policiesthat Google has related to privacy.So it's actually really nice to seethat just a couple days after that video,obviously they watched itand changed their entire business modelto kinda support privacy better.Or we just got lucky and posted our videoright before it was completely obsolete.(laughs)- What, what do you mean?Really, the main selling point with the Pixel 3Ais that for half the price of the standard Pixel 3,you're getting a very similar experience.And I mean, that's kind of hard to argue with.Now, it has been no surprise that the Pixel 3has not been the strongest seller.It was a Pixel that very much kind of bumped up the priceand for a lot of people it wasn't super well received.I mean I think a lot of peopledo consider the Pixel 3 to be a good phonebut the sales really haven't backed that up.So it does make a lot of sense that Google would goon a lower-end option with the Pixel 3Aand bring as many of these high-end features as possible,and it seems like they've done a pretty good job.It's easy to compare this to something likethe iPhone XR, or the Galaxy S10e,both of which are kind of likethe budget versions of the flagships,but this really doesn't quite compete.I mean, first of all it's like half the priceof both of those phones, so that kinda makes it difficult.And on top of that it is a very much lower-end phoneas far as the specs and the build quality goes.Really, the main thing that this has in commonwith other Pixels is of coursethe software experience, as well as the camera.Besides that, it's a plastic Android phonewith mid-range specs, I mean it's decent, it's solid,but it really does come down to that softwareas well as that camera experience.I mean the Redmi Note 7 Pro that we did a video on recentlyis $200, so half the price of this,and it has better specs as well asa pretty solid 48 megapixel camera.Now is this going to out-perform it on that camera side,and maybe on the software side?Pretty positively, I mean,it's stock Android and it's super smooth,but it's still a huge, huge amount of competitionwhen you can get a phone which is, on paper,even better than this in a lot of ways for a lot cheaper.And also, it's not made of plastic, so.This price point really is an incredibly competitive market,and it is going to be interesting to seejust how well the Pixel 3A stacks uponce I spend a little bit more timewith stuff like the camera and whatnot.So if you enjoyed this video,make sure to smash that notification bell,because Ken and I got up at three o'clock this morningto make this video for you,and if you wanna make Ken happy, you know what to do.The bell.I'm guilting you into clicking the bell right now.

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