Apple iPhone 5 review by Marques Brownlee

Publish Date:
October 12, 2013

  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain Medium
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money Medium

Title: Apple iPhone 5s Review!
By: Marques Brownlee

The iPhone 5s is a beautifully crafted device with a compact form factor and excellent build quality. While it may feel a bit fragile, it is sturdy and reliable. The display is polarizing, with great quality but could be larger. The camera is fast and the low-light capabilities are impressive. Overall, it's a great choice for iPhone users and future-proof with the new 64-bit architecture. However, battery life and display size could be improved.

Apple iPhone 5

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2012

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