Google Pixel 1 review by Android Police

Publish Date:
October 14, 2021

  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design Low
  • Easy to use/maintain Medium
  • Reliable/Durable Medium
  • Worth the money Medium

Title: Google Pixel 1 revisit: 5 years later
By: Android Police

The Google Pixel 1, released in 2016, was a simple yet functional phone with a solid build and a focus on software and camera performance. It lacked in design and hardware features, but its software and camera made it stand out. Even though it has aged, it still holds up well in 2021, making it a good value for those looking for a budget phone.
Google Pixel 1 specs and Google  1 video reviews and merits score.

Price: $250

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Google Pixel 1

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2016

  • 5
  • 6
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