Samsung Galaxy S10 specs and Samsung Galaxy S10 video reviews and merits score.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

Category : Mobile

Release Year: 2019


Publish Date:
March 1, 2019


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- Hey guys, this is Austin.There's a lot that can be saidabout the brand new Galaxy S10,but it can be summed up pretty quickly:this is the phone to beat for 2019.After 10 years of Galaxy devices,we have one seriously nice piece of hardware with the S10.Put it side-by-side with an earlier modeland it is absolutely crazy at how far Samsung has come.Now, you can't talk about this phonewithout acknowledging its most unique feature,the hole punch display.Yeah, it's definitely there alright.Now I recently did a video talkingall about the hole punch display versus the notch,which you guys can go check out.But there's no getting around the factthat while this is a pretty much full screen display,it is kind of distracting to look atthat hole punch all the time.Now, because of this, there is one key disadvantageto the S10+ versus the standard S10 and the S10E.Both of those phones have a single camera front,which means the hole punch displayis much, much smaller than the double camera on the S10+.Sure, it looks a little bit more distinctive,but you're losing basicallydouble the real estate like that.Now, I've kinda gotten used to itat this point, to be totally honest,but it is a little bit obtrusive still,and I think this is one of those thingswhere time will definitely whether this is a good ideaor whether we'll look back on the hole punchas something that's even worse than the notch.The screen itself is typical Samsung.Bright, vibrant and pretty much as good as it getsas far as smartphones go today.What's new this year is that the fingerprint sensoris moved from the back of the phone to the front.Now it's underneath the display,and generally speaking, it works pretty well.So it's very similar, in fact, to the OnePlus 6T,not only in accuracy but as well as speed.Now, you can't just put yourfingerprint anywhere on the display.There is a fairly small sensor in the middle.But once you get used to it,you can pretty easily unlock the phonewithout having to tap the screen or do anything.You just set your fingerprint, it will wake up,and you're good to go.The only Galaxy S10 that misses outon this feature is the S10E,which instead has a fingerprint sensoron the side of the phone.Now, personally, I actually don't think this is a huge loss.Even though it is a cool featureto have it underneath the display,it still feels a little bit more likea gimmick than a must-have feature.The rest of the hardware is absolutely top notch.After all these years it's weird that Samsungis still the only ones to really pull offthe curved front and back glass.Not only does it look nice,but importantly, it gives a very nice feel in the hand.Amazingly, if you look on the bottom of the phone,you will find that there is still a headphone jack.Now, I don't know how much longerthis is going to stick around.At this point it feels like the S10is one of the very few flagships that still has it.But huge props to Samsung on this one.And to top it all off,Samsung now allows you to remap the Bixby button.This is an incredible, brave new world we live in.- [Robotic Voice] Welcome to the new Bixby.♪ I've been feeling kinda cooped up, cooped up ♪- If that's not enough,we also still have stereo speakers on board,even though we don't have really kind of any top bezel.There's a tiny little driver up top,which sounds pretty good.There is not a lot to complain about with this hardware.I'll be totally honest with you.Samsung absolutely nailed it this year.Speaking of hardware,something that returns this year is DeX.So Samsung is one of the few companiesthat really fully takes advantage of the USB-C port.A lot of other phones just use it for charging.But with this, you can kind of turn it into a full desktop.All you need to do is take a single USB-C cableand while you could use a DeX dock,what I personally prefer is running it to a USB-C monitor.Not only do you get a full display,but you also get stuff like mouse and keyboard support.And honestly, Android apps have come a long way as far asbeing able to be used in a windowed sort of fashion.Now, no, DeX is not the fastest thing in the world.It does feel a little bit stutterycompared to running the apps natively on the phone,but this is absolutely the dream, right?You take your phone, you use it all day,you drop it into a dock or you plug something inand it turns into essentially a full desktop computer.If only it was just a little bit faster.Don't let that fool you though.This is an absolute performance beastwhen you're using it as a phone.Here in the US, all models of the Galaxy S10use the same Snapdragon 855.The main difference is just in the amount of RAMas well as the amount of storage.There are a ton of different SKUs,but pretty much all of them have eight gigs of RAMwith the exception of the base model of the S10E,which has six gigs, as well as the high end versionof the S10+, which has 12.Regardless though, you shouldn't see anymajor difference between the different phones.It's very nice to see that you're not gettingsort of a skimped down versionwhen you go to the lower end models.Performance should be very similar across the board.Speaking of that 855,it is a big step up over the 845 of last year.Now, it's still an eight-core processor,but they've done something a little bit different.So you have four cores, which are a little bit moreon the power efficient side,and you have three big cores for heavier tasks.But there is also a single core,which is a higher clock speed,which is especially helpful for single-threaded performance,which, let's be real, is a lot ofwhat you do on your phone every day.That plus the new 7 nanometer process really pays off.Put it side by side with not only last year's modelbut as well as the brand new iPhonesand you'll see that, while yes,it's not quite as fast as that iPhone XS,it is much closer than Qualcommand Snapdragon have been in years.Graphics are also an improvement.We're looking at a solid uplift versus last year's model.And again, it is not quite there with the iPhone A12,but it is a lot closer than it used to be.Now a small note about cooling.While the S10 and the S10E have fairly standard cooling,the S10+ actually has a vapor chamber.Now, I don't have those other two phones in to test,but with this guy, it actually does a very good jobof staying fairly cool even whenyou're under extended gaming loads.I saw it top out at around 40 to 41 degrees Celsius.The Galaxy S10 line is also one of the first phonesto support the brand new WiFi 6.Now this isn't going to be dramatically fasterthan the previous generation of WiFi.It's maybe 20% or so.But the big difference is that this should bemuch more reliable in more congested areas,which, of course, is basically everywhere at this point.Now, I haven't had a ton of time to trywith a WiFi 6 router yet,but definitely stay tuned.This is actually something that could bea pretty big deal going forward.Battery life is definitely a strong suit with the S10+.And a big part of that is due tothat huge 4100 milliamp hour battery.I've had no problems making it through a full day of use.Now, as you'd expect, the S10 is water-resistant,and it does support fast wireless charging.But what's really cool about thisis that it supports reverse wireless charging.Turn on Power Share,and all you need to do is take another phoneor another accessory,and the S10 will begin to charge itvia Qi Wireless Charging.This is a dope feature.And especially considering that you havesuch a big battery on the S10+,it's a legitimately super, super useful thing to do.Especially if you're a nice friendwho wants to top off after the end of the day.Be like, oh, I got 40% left, here you go.When it comes to the cameras, the 10 megapixelfront-facing camera on the Galaxy S10 is all new this year.Now on the Plus model, you do get a secondary depth sensor,which is nice for portraits,but also means that the littlehole punch thing is, well, not so little.So if we take a normal shot, it looks pretty decent.But we also do have the improved portrait mode.Now, the blur effect actually looks pretty decent.It still does have an issue with my glasses,like every other front-facing camera ever, but not bad.So there are some very interestingeffects with the portrait.So you can do a sort of weird zoom,which actually doesn't look that bad.I mean, some of this stuff is really fun.If you have the right kind of shot,you can get a really cool effect.You also have the color pop mode,which makes the background not only blurred,but also black and white, which is very sad.Yo, you know what?Some of this stuff is actually really cool.Like, I know a lot of timesthe portrait mode stuff is gimmicky,but the different options here are totally uniqueand actually do work pretty well.Of course, though, that's not the entire story.On the back of the Galaxy S10+,we have a full three cameras.So the main wide angle camera isessentially unchanged from last year.You still have optical image stabilizationas well as that cool dual pixel autofocusand the dual apertures, if that's not enough duals for you.And on top of that,the telephoto camera is also very similar.It does have OIS,but you're really not seeing any kind ofmajor differences on the actual hardware side of things.What's new is a brand new wide angle camera,which is standard on the S10E, the S10 and the S10+.The only thing that the E reallydrops is that telephoto camera.So for an example, this is what the telephoto looks like.This is the standard shot.And this is the wide angle.You can see that there's a pretty wide range here.Now, I personally find that the wide angleis probably the most useful.Obviously you're gonna be usingthe main camera 90% of the time.I always just find the telephoto is usually notthat much higher quality than just digitally zooming in.But that wide angle camera actually does work really well.Video is also pretty impressive on the S10.So this is what the wide angle camera looks like,but if we punch into the standard,you can see that we're still getting a lot of range.And if we go all the way into the telephotoas it kind of stutters for a second,you can see you get some very different focal lengths.But the camera goes a lot farther than just that,especially when it comes to video.You're also getting double the record timeon the super slow motion.And I gotta say, even though it's not somethingI would use every day, when you pull it off,it is a very, very cool effect.Now, sure, will the S10 match something like the Pixel 3as far as raw image quality?Not really.But because you have all of these different modes,the video is so solid,and especially considering that you havethat super wide angle lens,I don't think anyone's gonna be particularlydisappointed with the camera of the Galaxy S10 this year.There is no getting around thatthe Galaxy S10 is an expensive phone.Now while the S10E is kind of reasonable at $750 bucks,if you wanna get the S10+ like this model,it's going to start at $1,000.And if you go for the full maxed outone terabyte ceramic model, it is $1,600.Realistically though, this is just kind ofthe world we live in at this point.The $1,000 flagship is here to stay.And beyond price, there's really not a lotI have to complain about with the S10.As far as an Android flagship goes,there is really no other recommendationthat I have right now beyond the S10,and especially this S10+.It really is that good.So of course, the question is:is the Galaxy S10 worth it?Yeah.Simple as that, yeah.

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