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Apple IPAD Pro 3

Category : Tablet

Release Year: 2018


Publish Date:
November 14, 2018


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money Medium
- Hey guys this is Austin.The iPad Pro is a big upgrade,but as much as Apple might claim this is a full computer,it is not ready to replace my laptop just yet.This is a question I took a look ata couple years ago when the very firstiPad Pro came out and it actually came pretty closeto replacing a laptop for me but inevitability I ran throughthe limitations of running iOS on a 9.7" tablet.First of all, this is coming from the perspectiveof someone who spends a lot of timewith some fairly high-grade video.The iPad, it just can't handle it, it's not eventhe hardware that's the problem it really is iOS.Sure there's some decent editing apps,such as iMovie, Premiere Rush, and LumaFusionfor the iPad but the issue is that none of themare as powerful as the full desktop versionsof Premiere as well as Final Cut.To produce videos like this I need access tofairly high-level features, such asLut support, full Pro Codex, such asPro Res and Red Code Raw, it'd be really helpfulif I had a full finder set-up where, I could,you know, access the file system andimport things using that handy USBC port.Instead, well none of this stuff really worksunless I want to do some very basic editing in iMovie.It's fine, it's definitely capableof it, but iOS just isn't there yet.A lot of what I do everyday comes downto things like writing an e-mail,and here the iPad is absolutely terrific.I've always preferred the smaller iPad Pro sizebut that does mean you have to sacrifice thenon the actual keyboard, it's a little bit smallerthan a standard layout, but I've been using itfor long enough that it's not really a big issue.Maybe it's still a little bit ridiculousthat this accessory that is basically mandatoryif I wanna get any work done on an iPad costs a full $180but I mean I guess that's everyone at this point.I mean even Microsoft doesn't includethe keyboard with the Surface.If you want to avoid the Apple tax,you can pick up either a blu-tooth keyboardor something that plugs via USBC,or an adapter, but at the end of the dayI want to have a portable set upthat is as close to a laptop as possible.Which means that I'm stuck spending $180 dollarson the Apple keyboard which is just, okay,but not really worth that kind of money.Something I've been kind of surprised by is the pencil.Updated this year with a much less annoying designas apposed to plugging it into the lighting port to chargeinstead all you need to do is attach itto the top of the iPad, and not onlydoes it attach here magnetically,but it also wirelessly charges.I will give Apple this, the iPad hardware isincredibly nice, this is seriously the biggestupdate to the iPad since the original.Thanks to the lack of the home buttonthe bezels are much smaller herewhich means that not only do we have a bunchof iPhone 10 like gestures, but importantlywe get an 11" inch display and thesame size chaste as the old 9.7" iPad.The finger print sensor as been replacedwith face I.D. which has been crammedinto the top bezel along with the front facing camera.It should be no surprise that the screenis absolutely excellent.Importantly we still have ProMotion which meansthat the iPad Pro has a full 120 hertz display.This means that the iPad screenis running at twice the frame rateand twice the smoothness of pretty muchany other mobile display out there.The only thing that comes closeare some gaming laptops that do have higherrefresh rate displays, as well as on the phone sidethe Razor phone has a higher refresh rate panelbut in the tablet space nothing touches thisand it does make a big difference things are so, so smooth.- [Speaker] Nick Perry teamed up withPeter and Jack Margos to fix the daily number gameperry - The screen is absolutelyterrific so not only is it color accurateit gets fairly bright, there's reallynot a lot to complain about and that goes doublefor the speakers, it does have quad speakerswith one on each corner, and this thing soundsphenomenal as far as watching video goesthis is better than almost any other laptop out there.Gone are the days of lighteningand in is the glorious future of the USBC portand this is proper USBC it's 3.1 Gen 2which means that it does support a full tankit gets better transfer speeds as well asof course any kind of video out you doall the way up to a full 5K monitor.It will also charge up other devices just like a laptopplug in your phone for exampleand the iPad will give it a full charge.In classic iPad fashion however,iOS does hold you back some what with that USBC portthat you can't connect it to an external displayand for some apps such as Twitch and Netflixit will give you a full screen videobut for the most part your stuck mirroring the iPad display.Kind of helpful but no where near as good as it would beif I could, you know, put a window on the displayand another window on my iPad, you know,like every other laptop on earth.Its so close but it's so annoying.I mean this is really close to being ableto fully serve as a laptop right?I mean for me I have a monitor plugged into my laptopall the time when I'm at home or at work,I legitimately like that extra screen real estateand the hardware is absolutely capable of itand even the software is to degreeI mean I could put a video therebut the issue is that if I'm say,watching Netflix and wanting to work on somethingat the same time Netflix will play on the 4K displayright up until the point where I alt+tab toanother app in which the entire thing closes,it's like we're so close, we're so close.If we take a quick detour into garbage town for a sec.I get that Apple removed the headphone jackon their phones a couple years ago,but this is a device that's trying to replace my laptopI really do like having a pair of wired headphonesand now sure, blu-tooth might be the future for some peoplebut for me I appreciate having a nice pair of headphonesthat have no latency something that I can plug into say,a MacBook Air which coincidentallydoes still have a headphone jack.Now I get that this thing is completely packedwith technology it's got like magnetsand batteries and stuff but having a headphone jackdoesn't seem like that big of a sacrifice.I mean sure I could use a USBC donglebut that's annoying, I could plug inmy lightening headphones that I bought a couple years agooh wait no, I can't do that, 'causethis doesn't have lightening anymore.It's just a weird compromise, I mean,it's not a deal breaker I can get away withusing other types of headphonesbut it would be so, so nice if they would have keptthe headphone jack on somethingthat's trying to replace my laptop.I could run through our standard sweet of benchmarkswhich show that this is hands-down not onlythe fastest mobile device we've ever testedbut right up there with a lot of proper laptopsbut at the end of the day, what good is powerif you can't use it which brings us around tomy main issue with the iPad Pro, this is where things becomevery dependent on what kinda work you do.I legitimately feel like I could edit someproper 4K video on the iPad Proif I had those software improvementssuch as full file manager, as well as final cut.If you do a lot of work with graphics for exampleit actually is a lot better, there are great apps such as,procreate, and full Photoshop is coming to the iPad,but still for a lot of people the story here isless about what it can do right now,and more about the potential which iskind of a bit of shame because it's been like thatfor several years at this point.That just it though, this absolutely can replace a laptopfor some people and the iPad Pro is legitimatelygetting better and more powerful every year,but for me this is a great secondary machinebut it is not a laptop killer, at least not yet.

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