GoPro HERO 12 review by Tom Buck

Publish Date:
November 2, 2023

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Title: GoPro Hero 12: Is It Worth The Upgrade?
By: Tom Buck

The review of the GoPro Hero 12 highlights the incremental improvements in the camera's image quality, image stabilization, and audio. The reviewer appreciates the addition of features like HDR video and LOG footage. Despite its shortcomings, the camera is regarded as the best in its series, and while it may not be a significant game-changer for previous GoPro owners, it's a worthwhile upgrade for those with older models. However, the reviewer notes the limitations in low light performance, overheating, and small sensor size. The overall message highlights the importance of aligning expectations with what the camera is intended to do versus what users expect it to do.

GoPro HERO 12

Category : Camera

Release Year: 2023

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