Google Pixel 4 review by OSReviews

Publish Date:
July 6, 2023

  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design Medium
  • Easy to use/maintain Medium
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money Medium

Title: REVIEW: Google Pixel 4 in 2023 - Worth It? Still an Excellent Camera Android Smartphone?
By: OSReviews

The Google Pixel 4, despite being older, is a good budget option with a compact frame and a powerful processor. The camera performance is excellent, the software experience is smooth, and the display is vibrant. However, the battery capacity is lacking, and the solely radar sensor didn't live up to its potential. The reviewer also points out the need for more OS level updates to be provided. Overall, the Pixel 4 is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable and compact smartphone.

Google Pixel 4

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2019

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