Apple TV 4K review by Craig's Tech Talk

Publish Date:
September 24, 2023

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Title: New Apple TV Features & Updates in tvOS 17
By: Craig's Tech Talk

The Apple TV 17 has some cool features, including FaceTime capabilities. The control center has been updated with more options, and the TV can be paired with various external controllers. The Siri improvements allow for more general questions, and the voice recognition feature makes it easy to switch profiles. The TV can also be located using a phone. The addition of more screen savers and the ability to use photos and memories as a screensaver is a nice feature. The ability to use the Apple TV as a karaoke machine is also a fun addition. The integration of FaceTime is well-executed, although limited to Apple devices at this time. The reviewer hopes to see support for webex, zoom, and other third-party software for FaceTime in the future. Overall, the Apple TV 17 offers many great features, but could benefit from some aesthetic improvements and support for additional software.

Apple TV 4K

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