Apple TV 4K review by Brandon Butch

Publish Date:
April 18, 2023

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Title: Apple TV 4K Review - It Changed My Life!
By: Brandon Butch

The reviewer initially hesitated to purchase the Apple TV as they felt their smart TV already met their needs. However, after using the Apple TV 4K for five months, they were impressed with its performance and the overall experience it provided. They appreciated the seamless setup process, clean interface, and the polished Siri remote. The A15 Bionic chip ensured a smooth and lag-free experience, allowing them to multitask effortlessly. The ample internal storage and the option to organize applications into folders were also praised. The Apple TV's support for Thread and acting as a home hub for smart home devices added convenience. The "Up Next" shelf feature was highlighted for easily resuming shows and movies across different streaming platforms. The ability to calibrate TV colors and match dynamic range and frame rate were regarded as standout features. The Siri remote was commended for its versatility in navigation and control, with the touch-sensitive wheel being a useful addition. The integration with HomePod speakers for enhanced audio quality and control was also praised. The reviewer mentioned that having consistent software updates and security protection added peace of mind, which was lacking with their smart TV. Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness Plus were recognized as additional features that enhanced the Apple TV's value. The reviewer concluded that the Apple TV 4K provided great return on investment and recommended it, especially for those already invested in the Apple ecosystem. They even suggested upgrading from the second generation Apple TV to the new model for the improved design, performance, and affordability. The sleek design and fanless operation were mentioned as additional benefits. Overall, the reviewer had a positive experience with the Apple TV 4K and believed it surpassed their initial expectations.
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