Nintendo Switch review by The Verge

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March 1, 2017

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Title: Nintendo Switch review
By: The Verge

The reviewer has been playing the new Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch and finds it to be an expansive and ambitious game. They enjoy the fact that the Switch can be played both as a home console and on the go. The tablet itself is slightly heavier than other handheld consoles but the 6.2 inch display is easier to hold and provides a comfortable gaming experience. The joy-cons, which can be held vertically or horizontally, offer a unique gaming experience. The reviewer mentions that the battery life is a bit short, lasting only about two to three hours. The dock, while a bit bulky, charges the console smoothly and also serves as a way to output the video signal. The reviewer notes that the Switch is not as powerful as other gaming consoles, but it is not attempting to compete in graphical prowess. The online capabilities of the Switch remain a mystery at the time of the review. The reviewer appreciates the creative risks taken by Nintendo with the Switch and believes it has the potential to be a hit if supported with quality software content. The reviewer hopes for a longer battery life in future iterations of the console.

Nintendo Switch

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