GoPro HERO 11 review by kofuzi

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October 16, 2022

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Title: GoPro Hero 11 - A Runner's Review
By: kofuzi

The reviewer introduces themselves as a running YouTuber who primarily creates running content, including shoe reviews. They disclose that they purchased all the cameras themselves and are providing an unbiased review. The reviewer compares the GoPro Hero 11 to the GoPro Hero 10 and discusses the new features and improvements of the Hero 11. They mention that the Hero 11 has a bigger sensor, allowing for a new shooting aspect ratio of 8x7, which gives users more flexibility in framing videos. However, the reviewer notes that the limited frame rate options in the 8x7 aspect ratio are a drawback for their particular usage, since they prefer shooting at 120 frames per second. The HyperSmooth stabilization feature has been improved in the Hero 11 compared to the previous models, but the reviewer states that the difference is not significant for their type of videos. The Hero 11 also supports higher bit rates and 8-bit and 10-bit color modes, but the reviewer states that these features are more suited for professional photographers and videographers, and they do not take full advantage of them. The GoPro Hero 11 comes with a white Enduro battery, which the reviewer finds to be an improvement over the regular blue batteries that came with the Hero 10, as they had experienced temperature failure issues with the blue batteries. The reviewer concludes that for their usage, there is not a significant difference between the Hero 10 and the Hero 11, and they do not recommend upgrading to the Hero 11 unless the user is interested in the latest and greatest features or has specific needs that the Hero 11 caters to. They suggest that for someone new to action cameras or GoPros, the Hero 9 is a good starting point, while for Hero 10 users, there is no need to upgrade unless they want a new angle to their content. The reviewer believes that the Hero 11 sets the stage for future improvements and recommends saving money for the next year's GoPro model. They conclude by thanking the viewers for watching and providing an opportunity to ask questions in the comments or during their live streams.

GoPro HERO 11

Category : Camera

Release Year: 2022

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