Apple Vision Pro review by Tom’s Guide

Publish Date:
June 7, 2023

  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design Medium
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable Medium
  • Worth the money Low

Title: I Tried the Apple Vision Pro: Amazing and Creepy!
By: Tom’s Guide

The reviewer is one of the first people to try the Apple Vision Pro headset and is amazed by some of the experiences it offers. They highlight the customization aspect of the headset, mentioning that it is tailored to the individual user. They appreciate the lack of light leakage and the lightweight design, making it comfortable for extended use. The intuitive interface, which only requires hand gestures, is praised, as well as the accuracy of eye tracking. The reviewer also notes that navigating the interface and moving apps around is easy. They are impressed by the immersive video watching experience, particularly with 3D movies, and the ability to capture 3D videos and photos within the headset. The FaceTime experience is described as close to realistic, though there is room for improvement. Collaboration and augmented reality apps are highlighted as intriguing features. The downsides mentioned are the battery life, lasting only two hours, and the high price of $3,500. The reviewer compares the Vision Pro headset to the early days of the Apple Watch, stating that it has the potential to be revolutionary but is reliant on developers creating compelling apps. They express excitement for the future of the device and its potential after it becomes available for sale in early 2024.

Apple Vision Pro

Category : Headset

Release Year: 2023

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