Jawbone UP 3 review by Sarah Moran Nutrition

Publish Date:
May 19, 2016
Health Care

  • Works as advertised
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Title: Jawbone UP3 Full Review | 3 Month Update
By: Sarah Moran Nutrition

The reviewer has been using the Jawbone UP3 for three months and finds it comfortable to wear. They have also become more aware of their activity levels and have found the step tracking feature to be helpful. The sleep tracking feature is also useful, but the smart alarm feature did not work well for them. The heart rate tracking has not provided any significant insights. The reviewer praises the SmartCoach feature of the app, which gives personalized stats, encouragement, and tips. Overall, the Jawbone UP3 has been reliable and worth the money, but improvements to the clasp and charging method would be appreciated.

Jawbone UP 3

Category : Health Care

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