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Bluedio V UFO

Category : Headset

Release Year: 2016


Publish Date:
May 14, 2019


  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design Medium
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money High
So you guys know I've covered a lot ofdifferent headphones here on Unbox Therapy.It might be the most popular productcategory in terms of like total uploads.Today though, we got something that's alittle bit different from anything that'sbeen featured previously - they got 12 drivers.Now if you aren't familiar with whata driver is, that's the actual speakerunit inside of your headphones.Now you can see they're not all the same sizebecause each one is going to perform adifferent function. Maybe it'll be able to havebetter spatial awareness as far as wherethat sound is coming from. I'm thinking aboutduring video games possibly whilewatching an action movie or somethinglike that. But I was looking at thereviews for these online, and a lot ofpeople were just saying they love them formusic so I'm kind of curious about howthose different functions are going tomake the most out of six separatespeaker units inside of each ear cup.These are wireless as well withBluetooth range up to 32 ft, they say.My expectations are pretty high becausethey are inexpensive set of headphones.They're called the UFO Plus by the way.Ooh, so far unboxing experience's kind of nice.Got some magnets involved, you know.That's why I'm always looking for.On the side here, some paperwork,a nice carrying case for this, hard shell.Ooh, here are the headphones,they fold up.It's an over ear style. I like big earcups, alright? I find it more comfortable, I findthat it isolates better, for me.Ooh. They do spin up so if you want to get your DJ on.A port for the cable, I guess that justmeans you can pick whichever is moreconvenient for you. Controls appear to beover here on the right earcup that's anactual button there. If I had to guessprobably volume up/down, next track, backplay/pause, answer phone calls.A cool cable here, it's got a coiledportion to it so you can feel like areal DJ temporarily and then it also hasa screw-on locking adapter. You've gotthe mini jack connector, screw that on though.That's if you want to interfacewith like a mixing board that uses the1/4 inch adapter as opposed to themini jack. Also in the box - a flat microUSB cable to charge those up.Ooh.Pull out my fancy new Pixel XL. Oh yes, enjoying it very much.Left ear cup, right ear cup.They're big! I'm pretty sure you're not going towin fashion points for these ones."What about the sound? They're headphones, Lewis.What we're here for." Alright.Whoa.[music playing]Whoa.Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.[music playing]That, did-- [clears throat] the--That's the most low-end I have ever heard onany headphones ever. Brain-shatteringbase, it is THICK. When that bass kicks in,it's like BOOFF, it's like a subwoofer in there.It's gonna be a subjective thing but, my goodness.If you want base, these got it.I want to try some surround-sound stylestuff. Surround.. sound test, yeah thiswould be good.Oh whoa. It's like a shotgun back here.It's over here.It's not like a test like thiswouldn't be represented on a regular setof headphones. So for a surround soundtest what you're looking for is thatdiscrepancy between like sort of wayback here. I can easily identify thelocation of that sound in this headset.I just noticed something else is cool here.You can actually connect this headset totwo different mobile phones.Now the reason that's cool - you can have a coupleof different audio sources feeding into it.Uhhm,there's a microphone, shall I do a phone call?Of course I'm gonna give Ryan a call.Yo, what's going on man? Well I'm just happy youfinally picked up the phone, man.People here on Unbox Therapy, they miss you.They want to see more of you and moreimportantly, right now they want yourfeedback on how I sound.(RYAN) - Uhh, so I think it's about 9/10. Uhh, there's not much-- there's no distortion.(RYAN) - It's pretty clear, uhh and the volume is pretty good. I don't knowon your end how loud it is. But I'd use it.(RYAN) - Whatever it is.(LEW) - Ryan, the people miss you. What do you have to say to them?(RYAN) - You took the only thing I had away from me.(RYAN) - I was the-- I thought I was the food guy.(RYAN) - Now.. now your boy off then you [uncomprehensible](RYAN) - Maybe because, is it because I'm notavailable? Is that why?(LEW) - Name your price, how many likes do youneed to come back?(RYAN) - Ah, geez. I don't want to put this on the people, you know...(LEW) - But it's gotta be on the people.(RYAN) - If you guys want me to come back, ya okay 50000 likes and I'll come back, there you go.(LEW) - THERE YOU GO, holy s*** I thought we're never going to hear it.Okay later Ryan, thank you.Why not pop these open and make sure there'sactually six separate speaker units andwhat they look like. I popped this ear cup off.There you can see the unit itself.Okay. And then pop this out, and there you cansee the biggest unit of all, on the back there.And you can see the separate wiresgoing to the remaining speakers.These are the five smaller speaker units and thenin the center here, that's the one that'son the back.They're not lying, six total speaker units in each ear cup.If you want to get energized, it's hard to find a version ofenergy as intense as that base though.You feel like you're getting kicked in the sideof the skull by the thump. It's hard not toget motivated. You're a kid, there's a bullyyou're about to go after. Okay I don'trecommend probably just tell yourteachers or something right.No, DON'T TELL YOUR TEACHER, get some DMX,get these headphones and show that kidwhat's up!

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