Samsung Galaxy S20+ review by Fisayo Fosudo

Publish Date:
July 11, 2020

  • Works as advertised High
  • Aesthetic design High
  • Easy to use/maintain High
  • Reliable/Durable High
  • Worth the money Medium

Title: Galaxy S20 Plus: 5 best and 5 worst things
By: Android Police

Fisayo gives a comprehensive long-term review of the Samsung Galaxy S20+. He praises its smooth display, sharp camera, fast charging, and performance. He also notes its flaws, such as the lack of headphone jack and the need for better palm rejection. He gives it high ratings for working as advertised, aesthetic design, ease of use/maintenance, and reliability/durability, but rates it medium for its price. Overall, he recommends the device to those looking for a premium smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2020

  • 7
  • 8
  • Overall Merits Score

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