Sony PS VITA review by randomfrankp

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July 24, 2021

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Title: The PS Vita Is Better Than Ever In 2023
By: Darko

In this video review, the reviewer revisits the Sony Playstation Vita, which failed upon its release in 2011 but has since been revived by the modding community. The reviewer praises the modding capabilities of the device, which allow for emulation of childhood favorite games and even some PS2 titles. The device's physical controls are also noted as a key advantage over mobile gaming options. The reviewer recommends purchasing a Vita today, which can be done for a reasonable price on websites such as eBay, and suggests that a clearer guide to modding would improve the user experience. Overall, the reviewer emphasizes the enduring relevance and potential of the Vita, which he hopes will inspire Sony to develop a new handheld device.
Sony PS VITA specs and Sony  VITA video reviews and merits score.

Price: $499

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Category : Gaming

Release Year: 2011

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