Sony PS VITA review by SpawnPoiint

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August 20, 2022

  • Works as advertised High
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Title: The PS Vita Is Better Than Ever In 2023
By: Darko

The PS Vita is a highly underrated console, and even though it's 10 years old, it still holds up. The design is still sleek, and the controls are almost everything we need. It's perfect for retro and arcade games, with a library of PSP, PS1, and Vita games available. The Vita's lack of support from Sony means that big developers didn't get on board with new titles, and there are only a few available. However, trophy hunting on the go is possible, and there's a huge community behind modding the Vita. It's still a viable option for mobile gaming, though it faces stiff competition from the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. The Vita's failure was largely due to the added features that increased the overall cost of the console. It's still possible to buy a secondhand unit for around $150, and it's worth buying if you see value in playing PlayStation or emulated retro games on the go. The only improvement that could be made is the addition of L2 and R2 buttons.
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Price: $499

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Release Year: 2011

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