Apple IPAD Pro 3 specs and Apple IPAD Pro 3 video reviews and merits score.

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Apple IPAD Pro 3

Category : Tablet

Release Year: 2018

12. 9-Inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with Promotion, true Tone, and wide Color
A12X Bionic chip with Neural Engine
Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
12MP back camera, 7MP True Depth front camera
Four speaker Audio with wider Stereo sound
802. 11AC Wi-Fi and gigabit-class LTE cellular data-Up to 10 hours of battery life
Usb-c connector for charging and accessories
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Apple IPADPro 3 reviews

Our Apple IPADPro 3 reviews Summary

Unboxing of the new iPad Pro

Here's an unboxing of the new iPad Pro, folks! This tablet is a massive 12.9 inches, which is huge compared to other tablets. Unfortunately, the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard weren't available for the unboxing, but stay tuned for a full review once they become available. Get excited!

2018 iPad Pro 11" - A Lot Better, But Not Quite There

The 2018 iPad Pro 11" is a lot better, however, it's not quite ready to replace a laptop just yet. It's making big improvements, but we're not quite there. Will it be able to replace a laptop soon? Check out the latest episode of This Is! for more details.

Real World Review of iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen)

According to Real World Review, the iPad Pro 3rd generation is fast, has a great display and speakers, and is super portable. On the downside, the price is high and it's lacking the full functionality of a real computer, so it's questionable value for the money compared to other options from Apple.

2024 iPad Pro Thoughts

The M2 iPad Pro is under review by DailyTekk, and they're discussing potential improvements for the next version, including better battery life and larger storage options. They're also hoping for continued support and improvement from Apple in the future.

Apple's Confusing 2023 iPad Lineup - Which One to Buy?

Max Tech finds the new iPad lineup from Apple confusing and recommends different models based on specific needs and budget. There are compatibility issues with accessories and suggestions to consider previous generation models for better value.

Which iPad Should You Buy (2022)?

Ali Abdaal provides an in-depth analysis of the different iPad options and their suitability for different users based on budget, needs, and use cases. He recommends the basic iPad for those on a budget, while the iPad Air and iPad Pro might be worth it for those who need more power and features. He also suggests that for most users, the basic iPad provides high value for its cost.

iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) - Long Term Review

Zollotech highly recommends the iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020, praising its speed, display, and speakers. There are some issues with battery life, price, and the durability of accessories, but overall, it gets a solid recommendation, especially if it can be purchased at a discount.

This is the Only iPad Worth Buying in 2024

Pete Matheson claims that the iPad Mini is the only iPad worth buying in 2023, praising its size and versatility. Despite some shortcomings, such as camera quality and battery life, it's still the one to go for.

In conclusion, the iPad Pro 3rd generation has some impressive reviews but also some areas that could use improvement. With its speed, display, and speakers, it's a powerful and portable device, but the high price and lack of full computer functionality do raise some concerns. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even better versions of the iPad Pro in the future. With improvements in battery life, pricing, and more, the iPad Pro could potentially become a real game-changer. Until then, let's continue to watch its evolution with enthusiasm!