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Price: $619

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Apple iMAC Retina

Category : Computer

Release Year: 2015

Processor: Dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-5250U
Rear USB ports: 4x USB3
Total storage: 1TB hard disk
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 6000
Display: 21.5in built-in glossy
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Apple iMAC Retina: A Stunning Machine or a Waste of Money?

Hello, I'm Deanne, and this is my no-holds-barred review of the Apple iMAC Retina based on feedback and honest opinions from real users. So, sit back, relax, and let me take you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this rather controversial beast of a computer.

The Good: A Feast for the Eyes!

First of all, let's talk about the design. The ultra-thin iMac has earned praise for its stunningly sleek and colorful design. It's not bulky, it's quiet, and the large screen truly is a sight to behold. The 5K Retina display is visually stunning, making it great for high-resolution content and everyday use. The 21.5-inch and 27-inch options cater to those who prefer a smaller form factor but still want a fantastic display to work on. The performance is also something to marvel at, especially for graphics-intensive tasks. The powerful T2 chip and Navi-based graphics pack a punch, and the switch to Apple Silicon Macs holds promise for future models.

The Bad: Not Everything Is As Rosy As It Seems!

But hold your horses, folks! It's not all sunshine and rainbows with the iMAC Retina. For starters, its lack of a redesign and aesthetic improvements may be a letdown for some. The lack of ports and the absence of a matte screen option have also irked some users. Not to mention, the high price may not be worth it for those who don't need its advanced capabilities, and the slower hard disk drive might make the 21.5-inch version less appealing compared to the larger 27-inch iMac. The inability to upgrade or repair certain parts also adds to the frustration.

The Ugly: A Computer Not Worth Its Salt

While some users have had a great experience with their iMAC Retina, others have been left with a sour taste in their mouths. Some have found the 2015 5K Retina iMac lacking in performance and reliability, and not worth the money for more complex tasks. Others have experienced difficulties in setting up the computer and have found its storage options and front-facing camera to be subpar. It seems the 2019 iMac, while powerful and reliable for some, has not been without its hitches either.

Conclusion: A Rainbow of Opinions!

So, is the Apple iMAC Retina a stunning machine or a waste of money? Well, it really depends on who you ask. If you're an Apple enthusiast who values design and performance, the iMAC Retina might just be your cup of tea. It's visually stunning, performs like a dream, and ticks many boxes for everyday use and content creation. On the flip side, if you're someone who needs a reliable, upgradeable, and versatile machine, you might want to think twice before shelling out big bucks for the iMAC Retina. With its fair share of drawbacks and incompatibility with lower-resolution content, there's room for improvement before it can truly be a winner for everyone.

Ultimately, whether the Apple iMAC Retina is worth it or not is a rainbow of opinions. So, my advice to you would be to consider your specific needs, do your research, and maybe even try one out for yourself before taking the plunge. Remember, your perfect computer might just be waiting for you to pick it up and take it home!