Samsung Galaxy S23+

Category : Phone

Release Year: 2023

Display: 6.6-inch FHD+ AMOLED
Refresh rate: 48 - 120Hz adaptive
Rear cameras: 50MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x telephoto
Front camera: 12MP selfie
Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Storage: 256GB, 512GB
Battery: 4,700 mAh
Charging: 45W wired/10W wireless
Water/dust resistance: IP68
Size: 3.0 x 6.21 x 0.3 inches (76.2 x 157.8 x 7.6 mm)
Weight: 6.88 ounces (195 grams)
Colors: Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender

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Samsung GalaxyS23+ reviews

Our Samsung GalaxyS23+ reviews Summary

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: An In-Depth Review Based on User Feedback


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus has hit the market, and user sentiments are pouring in. This article delves into the user feedback, providing an honest assessment of the smartphone.

Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

Users have lauded the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus for its stellar performance and impressive battery life. With a faster processor and a larger screen compared to its predecessor, the smartphone has garnered praise. The camera setup stands out for capturing high-quality images, and the electronic stabilization during video recording has received positive remarks. The device's dependability, ease of use, and durability have also been widely recognized.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus's Drawbacks

While the overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus has been applauded, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects. The Full HD+ display has been criticized as not meeting expectations for a smartphone in this price range. Although the camera configuration is impressive, there's a call for autofocus in the ultrawide camera to enhance macro photography. Additionally, the device's price point has been deemed unfavorable, with some users questioning its value for money.

Expert Review Feedback

Professional reviewers have noted that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus brings incremental improvements across various aspects, including a strong camera set, a vibrant display, a speedy CPU, and a robust build. However, it's advised that for those owning older Galaxy models, the upgrade may not be a significant leap. Another expert praised the phone's design, display, camera setup, and overall functionality while suggesting a need for a refresh in the aging user interface design.


Based on user and expert reviews, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus emerges as a well-rounded premium smartphone. It boasts strong performance, a reliable camera setup, and essential features like water resistance and fast charging. However, concerns have been raised about the display and pricing by some users. In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus stands as an attractive choice for those seeking a flagship smartphone. It delivers on its promises, providing a reliable and user-friendly solution, and targeted improvements could further enhance its overall value proposition.