Share your experience by uploading video reviews
and earn credits to become a hero

Are you satisfied with a recently bought product? Fell in love with the user-friendly features of your new Game-box or Laptop and want to tell everyone about it? Or maybe, you have experienced a product to be less efficient than touted to be, by the manufacturer? Tell Meritmeter all about it as your experience and opinion of the product can act as a confirmation or an eye-opener, for others using, or contemplating buying it.

Meritmeter appreciates and accepts short skillfully recorded video reviews that incorporate a storyboard, offering added value to the viewer, by highlighting what's great about the product, while also mentioning if any part or feature of the product failed to meet your expectations.

To simplify the process of recording and uploading a review and recieve a higher number of views, votes and credits, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Stand in front of the camera and introduce yourself. Show the product you are reviewing and state its particulars.

2. Talk about why you bought the product, and when you bought it.

3. Answer the below questions about the product, in the sequence presented:
    A. Does it deliver on its promise?
    B. Is it appealing?
    C. Is it user-friendly to use and maintain?
    D. Is it reliable?
    E. Is it worth the money spent on it?

4. After you are done recording, open and use 'Search' to select the name of the product that you have reviewed.

5. Sign in, upload the video review and rate the product merits on a scale of Low, Med or High. Add a suggestion if you have one or wish particular changes and updates to the product, from the manufacturers. Hit submit. Simple as that!